15 Best Gifts for Paddleboarders from GoPros to Windsails

Sure, paddleboarding isn’t as popular as kayaking or canoeing in the summer. But if you tell a paddleboarder that, they might just smack you across the face with their paddle. It takes serious skill and balance to stay standing atop the water though, which makes paddleboarding a fun sport and workout. Still, if someone on your gift list is into it, you may have no idea what to get them. Fear not. Here at The Daily Want, we aim to bring you the coolest products in the world, even if the category is paddleboarding. Don’t worry if you don’t know what half of these things are for. The paddleboarder in your life will love them.

Here are the 15 best gifts for paddleboarders:

SUP-Now Paddleboard Deck Bag

Remember that part about balance and standing up on top of the water? That’s hard enough to do on a paddleboard, let alone adding a backpack to the mix. Unlike a canoe you don’t have anywhere to put your stuff. That doesn’t mean you don’t need it though. When you’re out on the lake or the ocean, it’s important to still have the essentials like your phone, sunglasses, and water. This convenient deck bag suction cups to the top of your paddleboard and zips up to hold all your stuff. It also comes with a 100 percent waterproof insert so you can take your valuables without worrying about them. Even if the board flips, your stuff will be secure. Buy it here


Complete Grapnel Anchor System

If you’re looking for some stuff to put in the deck bag, this complete anchor system is a perfect addition. Paddleboarding is hard work and it’s nice to stop and take a break every once in a while. Unfortunately, you can’t lay down on your board to enjoy the sun without drifting away. That’s where this anchor comes in handy. The three and a third pound 4-fluke folding anchor holds in mud, sand, and rock so you can secure your paddleboard regardless of what the surface is like under the water. A 25-foot marine grade rope lets you anchor down even in deep water. It all comes wrapped up in a convenient storage bag so you can keep the anchor contained. Buy it here


Suction Cup Tie Downs

Transporting a paddleboard can be hard if you have a smaller vehicle. Fortunately, these suction cup tie downs can help you do it in style. They are activated and deactivated with a mechanical lever so they stick when you want and come off easily when you need them to. The suction cups stick to smooth surfaces like the fiberglass surface of your paddleboard or the roof of your car. Meanwhile, the durable, heavy duty hooks allow you to connect the suction cups to just about anything. Whether it’s ratchet straps, an extra bag, or even a strap to your ankle. As a bonus, you get two suction cups in each pack. Buy it here


Stand Up Floats

Have you ever seen a paddleboarder out on the water with a bored look on their face? Maybe it’s exhaustion. Maybe it’s focus. Or maybe they’re bored (pun intended) of standing on a flat piece of fiberglass. So, what if you could transform that plain old paddleboard into something way cooler? In fact, you can. These awesome floats strap onto your paddleboard and turn it into something way cooler. You could make it a shark, a unicorn, a swan, a whale, or even a submarine. The rear portion of the float doubles as a chair so you can use your anchor and sit down for a while out on the water. Buy it here


Wind Sail Kit 

Yeah, you could do what the name suggests and paddle your board. Or, you could take the lazy (and much more fun) way out. That is, you could attach this 42 inch wind sail to your paddleboard and harness the power of Mother Nature. If you ask us, that sounds a lot better. The sail is made from eco-friendly strong cloth and is designed to maintain its shape even in high winds. It has a compact design that folds up and deploys quickly meaning anyone can use it. It also features a clear window in the fabric so you can see what’s behind you. Buy it here


Apex Stand-Up Paddleboard Dolly

Paddleboards aren’t the easiest item to be carrying around. In fact, if you need to carry it much further than the beach to the water, you’ll be sweating in no time. That’s why this paddleboard dolly is a must have for those who own their own board. It features wide pneumatic tires that can handle any terrain—even the sand. A rust-resistance finish puts your mind at ease even if the dolly gets wet. It also includes a heavy-duty bungee tie down strap for securing your board. Finally, since the dolly is crafted from lightweight aluminum, it won’t add much weight to your transport. Buy it here


Fat Gecko Mini Camera and Camcorder Mount

When you’re out on the water, you might want to catch some sweet footage. Fortunately, with this mount from Fat Gecko, you can keep your hands free while doing just that. It works universally with any camera and holds it securely. You can shoot any angle with extendable height and 360-degree tilt options. Just like the suction cups before, this mount features a mechanically locking suction cup for attachment to your board. It will stick securely to any flat, smooth surface. Just imagine using this mount to catch footage while using the wind sail to fly over the waves. Buy it here


GoPro HERO — Waterproof Digital Action Camera

Even if you don’t know anything about paddleboarding, you definitely know about GoPro. The ultimate portable camera that can be taken anywhere. Recently, the GoPro Hero has become the standard for capturing adventure video out in nature. It features a 1080p HD video camera and can also take 10MP stills. You can control the camera via a 2-inch touchscreen and then sync photos to your computer or phone with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is 100 percent waterproof and is built to be tough. For paddleboarding, it is perfect. Paired with the Fat Gecko camera mount, any paddleboarder can capture professional footage. Buy it here


Paddleboard Carry Sling

If you’re too stubborn to carry your paddleboard around on a dolly, then this is a slightly less rolly option. It is incredibly easy to use and essentially transforms your board into a giant messenger bag. You slide the board into it via a two step Velcro closure that attaches in seconds. Then, a padded adjustable shoulder strap lets you carry it comfortably. Even more padding is found behind the strap for your hip and to protect the board itself. Incredibly strong buckles keep the board secured to the strap without having to hold it in. If you need a way to carry your board short distances, this strap makes it convenient and easy to do so. Buy it here


Paddle Board Wall Hooks

If you’re hanging your paddle board on the wall you don’t want to worry about fancy hooks that could scratch the board or take away from its beauty, right? Well these minimalist hooks are just the thing you’re looking for. The two hooks are made from black heavy-duty aluminum and come lined with a thick layer of felt to protect your board. They stick out 11 inches from the wall and go up 4.5 inches making them the perfect fit for any board. The most appealing part of these hooks is the shape. They don’t look like a rounded fishhook or cheap towel rack. They have a nice squared off, clean look ready to blend seamlessly into any décor. Buy it here


Dog Traction Pad

You can’t go paddle boarding without man’s best friend. So, you might as well make it comfy for them. With this traction pad, paddle boarding with your pup has never been easier. When you order the traction pad it comes with 3M self-adhesive to stick on your board, so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet and peeling off. The pad comes with four paw print cut outs for your dog to grip on to as well as for added and cute bonus. Being a separate piece to stick on you are able to stick it wherever to see best on your board giving it a personalized touch. Buy it here


CaliCase Waterproof Floating Case

Whether you are paddle boarding or not, losing your stuff is always a concern. Especially when that stuff can sink to the bottom of an ocean, lake or pond really quickly. Well fret no more with this extra-large waterproof floating case. With so many good descriptors in the title how can it be bad? This case will fit any phone with some room to spare for your other valuables. It’s sleek design also comes in a variety of colors. If you don’t believe us go ahead and try it for yourself because they have a lifetime money back guarantee. Buy it here


Wetsuit Pants

Did someone say neoprene and nylon wetsuit pants made for men and women? Oh yes, we did. These pants are 3mm thick which makes them perfect for colder water temperatures. These wetsuit pants are also super elastic giving them plenty of flexibility and movement without losing their shape. The bomb-proof seams let you live a life of luxury as they can barely be felt.  These pants are also fast drying with an adjustable waist and come in all black, black and white, or hot pink. You won’t have to worry about buying another pair for a while because these pants come with a one-year warranty. Buy it here


O’Neill Men’s Long Sleeve Sun Shirt

When you spend long, or even short, days paddle boarding no one has time to get sun burnt. This men’s long sleeve sun shirt will make sure that burnt shoulders are the least of your worries. Made from elastane and polyester, this shirt is UPF 50+ making it the perfect paddle boarding partner. This shirt is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation so you can’t go wrong there. Coming in a multitude of colors, it has a slim but not tight fit so it won’t get in the way but it won’t be so tight you feel like you can’t breathe. Buy it here


Aleader Quick Drying Water Shoes

There’s only one way to protect your feet out there while paddle boarding and that is to sport some water shoes. Getting a bad reputation for being ugly, clunky, and staying wet for days, water shoes aren’t always on the forefront of everyone mind. These water shoes though are stylish, coming in 20 colors, and perfect for a day out in the water. With a rubber sole and mesh fabric top they look like lightweight holey sneakers. The bottoms are designed to grip even the wettest and most slippery surfaces. They are quick drying and durable. These aren’t your grandma’s water shoes. Buy it here

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