This 1918 Indian Twin Board-Track Racer Is The Ultimate Classic

The 1918 Indian Twin Board-Track Racer is a blast from the past given a modern touch that’ll have you traveling through time—pun intended!

For co-Founders George M. Hendee and Carl Oscar Hedstrom, the popularity of these bicycle/motorcycle hybrids was purely incidental. Originally putting these unique vehicles to competition on refurbished cycling tracks, the world soon caught wind of these beautiful machines and demand quickly surpassed supply.

The rest is, quite literally, history, though this elegant twin board-track racer will bring the past into the present. Its intricate bronze handlebars, deep red framing, and shining silver engine harken back to one of the most renowned eras of motorcycling.

Over the 102-year span of this racer’s existence, it has passed through multiple owners. The current caretaker reports the painstaking process of carefully reassembling it and preserving un-restored parts in their original state.

Aside from the handlebars, pistons, forks, and rear-stand, the rest is believed to be completely authentic and original to its starting form.

The 1918 Indian Twin Board-Track Racer is a historical gem—a speck of time transcending the past into the present. In many ways, it is literally like time travel. Buy Here

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