1929 LaSalle Series 328 Convertible Coupe Brings Out Your Inner Gatsby

In the late 20s and early 30s, the LaSalle was a distinctive mix of style, class, safety, and value. It was one of the fastest and sportiest cars of its time. Yet, it provided value for consumers and gave them a car that was classy but cost less than a Cadillac.

Interestingly enough, the LaSalle 328 Series cars were made by Cadillac, but branded differently to keep the price down. The parts and processes that went into making this car were some of the finest of their time since they were made by the same company (General Motors) as true Cadillacs.

Thanks to a powerful, 328 cubic inch, L-head, V-8 engine, the LaSalle was fast. It has been recorded on the track averaging speeds of 95.2 mph all the way back in 1927. Although this speed pales in comparison to today’s cars, it was incredibly fast for its time. This made the LaSalle a favorite of rum runners who needed to outrun the slower police cars as they made their getaways.

The 1929 LaSalle Series 328 also features a three-speed manual transmission, a luxury feature of its time. Rumble seats, dual covered sidemounts, a luggage rack, and accessory lights all made this car one to swoon over in the 20s. For today’s collectors and historic car enthusiasts, the LaSalle 328 Series is a prized piece. It is a Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) certified full classic car for obvious reasons. As one of the most iconic sporty cars in American history, you don’t want to miss checking out the 1929 LaSalle Series 328. Learn More

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