Don’t Miss This Classic White Gold 1950s Longines Dress Watch

Is there anything better than a classy dress watch? We don’t think so either. Here at The Daily Want we are always talking about watches because we believe that every man should have a dress watch to feel proud of. Some of us like a more modern style while some of us like the classics. This 1950s Longines dress watch can certainly appeal to both groups but it will be extra cool to those interested in classic watches.

American Made, American Masterpiece

To avoid paying import duty on their watches, Swiss watchmakers Schwab and Wuischpard (S&W) made this one in the United States. The mid-20th century timepiece is in excellent condition despite its age thanks to regular servicing.

This somewhat understated watch is rather intriguing because it is a low-key way to show off elegance and craftsmanship. For example, it boasts a case that is white gold. Not only is this highly expensive, it is a rarely-used material for a case. However, its subtle color and shine goes perfectly with the watch’s silver dial.

Bling Is A Thing

White gold isn’t the only expensive feature you’ll find in this watch. The 50s era Longine also features diamonds in place of numbers to mark the hours. Imagine that! Passing time away with diamonds.

An issue that some guys have with diamonds in a watch is that they sparkle too much, making it a bit “girly.” Fortunately, gentlemen in the 1950s felt the same way. That’s why Longines went with a non-brilliant cut diamond. Though all 13 (yes, you read it right) diamonds catch the light beautifully, they don’t sparkly excessively. This means you can get the bling of diamonds and gold without feeling like a princess.


This genuine Longines watch features a 33mm, 14 carat white gold case not including its crown. The 17mm strap is genuine camel leather that looks perfect against the case. It is lightly worn and fits your wrist close and comfortably. The timepiece’s grade A time-keeping capabilities are thanks to the incredible craftsmanship behind the dial.

Automatic Movement Of The First Kind

Automatic movement is rather common in luxury watches today. However, in the 1950s, it was just starting to become available to consumers. This watch is powered by the Longines 22a caliber automatic movement. This feature is one of the first of its kind as well as the first in-house Longines automatic movements.

Post-War Pride

Due to the age of this watch, and the fact that its serial number dates back to around 1957, we can assume that it was made for the post-war American market in mind. It is an embodiment of American affluence and confidence that is evident in every aspect. This includes the seconds hand being at the 6 o’clock position rather than in the center. Though a strange feature, it helped separate this watch from common, everyday watches.

If you’re a fan of collecting (or wearing) classic watches, then you certainly don’t want to miss out on this time-heralded piece. Buy Here


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