The Aston Martin DB4 Never Goes Out of Style

If you have cash to blow and want a piece of James Bond badassery, the 1962 Aston Martin DB4 GT cuts it pretty close. The sleek, Italian-styled GT formed the basis for later Aston Martin beauts, including the DB5, the most iconic cinematic James Bond car, first appearing in Goldfinger. The DB4 was so influential that Aston Martin brought it back last year with 25 new DB4 GTs, built to the original specs with some improvements to performance, braking, and safety.

The early DB4s featured Tadek Marek-designed engines, Harold Beech-designed rigid steel platforms, and lightweight superleggera bodies designed by Carrozzeria Touring in Milan. Demand was instantaneous for this high-performance machine when it was in production 1958-1963, with five different series. Series IV was in production 1961-1962, noticeable changes from Series III were external, including an upgrade to a barred type grille from the previous egg-crate design. The new grille design lasted in production of the DB5 through the last variant of the DB6, the Mark II, in 1970. Another introduction the DB4 brought was the much-needed oil cooler under the front bumper in response of earlier models tending to overheat quickly.

This particular DB4 has had multiple lucky owners, which meant a few choice changes. The car upgraded to a 4.2-litre engine and had many updates to the interior. A full restoration of the body and a full underside cleaning was completed and the chassis was painted inside out in anti-rust paint. New suspension brackets, springs, and brakes will give you the perfect ride. The entire body also underwent a respray in the classic Aston Martin Racing Green. At under 2,000 miles, this Aston Martin is in beautiful condition and is perfect for the gentleman driver or budding secret agent. Martini not included. Learn More

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