This 1962 Porsche 356B Twin Grille Roadster is The Ultimate Classic

For whatever reason, over the years Porsches have seemed to only grow in popularity. Now there are more people than ever looking to own a classic Porsche of there own. This influx of interest is no surprise though. After all, for decades Porsche has been making the ultimate sports cars, and owning a classic is a must for all Porsche lovers.

Specs of the Porsche 356B Twin Grille Roadster

Like nearly all Porsches this one features an air cooled engine with the cylinders laid out flat. However, unlike most Porsches, this 356B doesn’t have a flat 6. Instead, it has a flat 4. This little 1.6 liter is one of the better engines Porsche has produced and is even more interesting than most because of its slight differences from the typical Porsche ways. With a 5,500 RPM redline, the motor revs its way through a 4-speed transmission. Again, like most Porsches, this is rear engine and rear wheel drive.

This car has also had Koni shocks put in at each corner. The braking is done hydraulic brake drums on each wheel. On either side of the motor are Solex P40 carburetors with Knecht air cleaners. The engine sings through a Dansk sport muffler. The engine, transmission, and mechanicals were rebuilt throughout 2017-18 by Chris’s German Auto Service. This was a $51k rebuild as part of its full restoration. While that is surely a hefty price tag, it is apparent that it was an incredibly in-depth and detailed job.

Classic Luxury and Style

While all Porsches are great to drive, they are more than that. They are a beautiful place to be on the inside and are works of art to view from the exterior. This particular 356B is a gorgeous blue color with a fully redone red leather interior. With nearly every nook and cranny reupholstered, and the whole chassis repainted, it looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. A Super 9 tachometer is centered between the speedo and oil temperature/fuel level gauge.

The 5 digit odometer reads an astoundingly low 51k miles. Approximately 50 of which have been put on since the full restoration. There is also a Porsche Production Specifications certificate with the car that shows a production date of December 21, 1961 and lists the original color combination and options. Along with this is a binder showing pictures and receipts throughout this cars whole life. Some of these even date back to 1974 and show this car in its original red color. This car comes with everything a classic car lover could possibly want. Being able to look back over its long past life all while enjoying it like it would’ve felt brand new is something truly special. If you’re after old school style and performance nearly nothing compares to a classic Porsche like this.

Owning any classic car is a special thing. This one is even more special though. Not only is this one of Porsche’s most beautiful and special cars, but it’s also a perfect example. If you can find a spare $395k lying around this 356B twin grille roadster is waiting for you. This car has classic style and feels like it would’ve way back in ’62. Whether you’re seriously in the market or simply of dreaming of having that much cash there is no denying the beauty in this car and its extensive restoration. Bid Here

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