Auction Block: The 1963 Ferrari Lusso Is the Perfect Addition to Your Rare Collection

This 1963 Ferrari 250 GT/L Berlinetta, also known as the Lusso, is the 21st of only 350 produced. The Lusso has a rich history as one of Ferrari’s most luxurious designs. At its 1962 debut, the Lusso stood out from Ferrari’s legendary 250 series with its stunning Pininfarina-designed and Scaglietti-built body. The timeless design of the Lusso highlighted the curved fenders and sporty Kamm tail. It also had a roomy cockpit with long front and rear glass panes. The body was steel-built, but this GT wasn’t heavy. Weight was lifted with the use of aluminum for the hood, doors and trunk lid.

The inside was just as luxurious as the outside. The Lusso’s leather-rich cabin delivered ultimate style and comfort. The dashboard was one-of-a-kind and was never replicated. Five small gauges sit behind the steering wheel and two large center-placed dials are angled toward the driver, giving it a futuristic vibe.

The Lusso was originally finished in Amaranto Italver with a beige interior of Connolly leather before updating to a silver-grey metallic and reupholstered in black in the ‘70s. As the car moved from collection to collection, it went through several rounds of restoration and updates, including new paintwork, updated interior, fresh wheels and more. In 2009, the Lusso underwent a two-year restoration to factory-correct standards. It received a fresh repaint in Grigio Ferro and rich, caramel-toned tobacco upholstery. The car was then authenticated as it had all its original components. Starting at $1,750,000, this fine piece of automotive history and symbol of luxury can be yours for a small fortune. Learn More

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