The 1971 Land Rover Series IIA Gets a Badass Restoration

The 1970s, as novelist Tom Wolfe put it, the “‘Me’ Decade,” when Americans had a new attitude towards individualism. It was a clear contrast with the 1960s, when the US was still recovering from WWII and people were focused on improving the country and society. Things winded down in the ‘70s and people started thinking about themselves. Fashion changed, social norms were challenged, and expressing yourself took over.

Some people sported mood rings, others had “pet rocks,” and many were enthralled by lava lamps (who wouldn’t be?). Of course, how better to express yourself than with what you’re driving? From the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang Mach 1 to the Toyota Celica and Pontiac Trans Am, cars from the ‘70s just oozed cool and served a whole lot of personality. We’re still all about individualism and standing out today. So if you’re looking for a unique vintage car, the decade that brought us Pong has plenty to offer. And the 1971 Land Rover Series IIA is definitely one of them.

A luxury off-road staple

Land Rover is a luxury car brand that specializes in four-wheel-drive vehicles. It is a British icon and one of the best choices for those looking for off-road adventuring. The series IIA is thought to be one of the most classic and hardy series models Land Rover produced. SIIA vehicles were popular in films set in Africa, like Born Free, throughout the ‘60s when production started. The SIIA line included a short-wheelbase soft-top and the top-of-the-line five-door station wagon. The series also produced Forest Rovers and ambulances.

Vintage look, not so vintage updates

This restoration of a 1971 Land Rover Series IIA by Classic Car Studio brings updates to the interior, exterior, and mechanics while keeping the vintage look of the car. Classic Car Studio is a classic and specialty car dealership that offers a lot of services to keep your classic car in tip top shape. They offer maintenance and mechanical and electrical services, as well as metal work, paint and body work, interior services, performance solutions, and upgrades. The company was founded in 2006. Their mission is to produce top tier work and service these unique vehicles with the love and attention they deserve.

Finished in Poppy Red, this restored SIIA definitely grabs your attention. It sports a rebuilt 2.25 liter engine, new Weber carb, and updated alternator. New water and fuel pumps, ignition components, and dual fuel tanks were also added. The transmission was rebuilt as well as the front and rear differentials and transfer case. The car also sports a new radiator and all new fuel system. Classic Car Studio also rebuilt the steering linkage and gave the car a new pitman arm and a rebuilt box. The car has all new suspension parts, including shocks, bushings, and spring.

The car features a galvanized, fully boxed chassis with a beautifully detailed undercarriage. It has all new weather stripping treatment and a stripped, primed and painted aluminum body. There’s new hardware throughout and most are cad coated. The car also has an all new and updated modern wiring system, restored gauges, and modern wiring harness with ATO fuses. The highly detailed black interior just screams cool and features all new soft components as well as a restored Smiths heater. The car has 15,169 miles on it and will set you back $59,900. Learn More





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