This 1972 Chevy K10 Cheyenne Super Is the Perfect Classic Pickup Truck

We can all appreciate how far cars have come. From GPS and Apple CarPlay to adaptive cruise control and backup cameras, modern cars are technical marvels. While we’re still impatiently waiting for Star Wars-style flying cars, there’s still appreciation for cars of ye olde. There’s nothing like a car from decades past, a simpler time and no frills approach. We love a nice, classic pickup and Chevrolet checks all the boxes of this. Chevy has a long history of providing solid pickup trucks through the decades, dating as far back as the ‘40s. From the Advance Design to the El Camino, there have been iconic trucks from Chevy to tickle any classic car collector’s fancy. 

A truck enthusiast’s dream

The C/K series from 1960-1998 have included a wide range of vehicles with variations in design over the years. There were many changes to the truck series in 1971, including new grille designs and the introduction of an additional trim package, the Cheyenne. The Cheyenne included nicer interiors, more padding and insulation, carpet, chrome trim, and upper and lower side molding and tailgate trim. The year also marked the first year for AM/FM radios to be factory installed. Another update was front brakes making the switch from drum brakes to disc brakes. The 1972 model had all these similar features with only a change in the location of the rearview mirror.

This 1972 K10 Cheyenne Super is available from Classic Car Studio. It’s a 4×4 short bed that has gone through a robust rotisseries restoration. The truck only has 10 miles on it and is powered by a 355 roller engine. It has a Turbo 400 transmission, rebuilt differentials, aluminum radiator, and dual electric fans. The truck also features long tube headers, March serpentine system, Holley carburetor, and Edelbrock intake. It comes with a completely rebuilt suspension and brake system and new wiring and fuse box as well. This classic beauty has undergone a two-stage paint job in a striking red and white. The interior matches the exterior with red leather seats with houndstooth buckets, red door panels, and other elements in a bold red. The truck also has new gauges, a restored console, and Vintage Air. It’s listed at $52,900. Buy Here

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