1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona: A Collectors Dream

The Italians have a special way of doing things. Cars are not just modes of transportation. They are beautiful pieces of art. They are carefully crafted machines that sing beautiful notes from their exhaust and look like they could be on display at an art gallery. One of the best at this craft is Ferrari. And one of the best Ferrari’s is the stunningly beautiful Daytona.

What Makes The Daytona So Special

The Daytona was a very unique and special car. It was a grand touring car that not only raised the bar but set it to an unmatchable level to other manufacturers. The Daytona was a ‘greatest hits’ car of Italian touring supercars. Under the hood is a Ferrari V12 of course. Ferrari V12’s are the V12’s all others are measured against, and they always will be. As I mentioned, this was a touring car, not a hardened track beast. It has the engine in the front- contrary to many of the supercars Ferrari has made. This 365 GTB/4 was a predecessor to the already amazing 275 GTB/4 that truly pushed what the Daytona was. This car was one of the fastest cars in the world in it’s hay-day. This was thanks to that incredible V12 and all 352 horsepower it created. It accelerated all the way to 279 km/h. It was also the most expensive production car Ferrari had ever made. A car as grand as the 365 GTB could only wear the grandest of price tags. The design, like all Ferrari’s, was nothing short of a masterpiece. The long sweeping hood with a short cockpit at the back was beautiful and showed a side of Ferrari so many people miss.

This example of a Daytona 365 GTB/4 is a 1972 in a yellow that Ferrari calls Giallo Fly 20-Y-191 Salchi. A color so beautiful deserves a name that will do it justice. This car is everything that makes Italian design and manufacturing so admirable. One of the greatest cars ever produced, by one of the greatest manufacturers, the Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4. Learn More


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