The 1972 Range Rover 3.5 V8 Suffix A Is a Bright Blue Beauty

The Range Rover is one of the world’s most luxurious and coveted off-road SUVs. Since the first-ever Range Rover came to be in 1970, the vehicle has evolved in design and tech throughout the decades.

The luxury SUV’s conception was met with widespread critical acclaim due to its capability as well as an elegant design. The 3-door Range Rover in 1970 was the first vehicle with permanent 4WD and featured a split tailgate, clamshell hood, and continuous waistline. 

Eleven years later, in 1981, a 4-door version of the Range Rover Classic was made available. In 1994, the second generation Range Rover delivered more luxury. The iconic silhouette and rectangular headlights also set the SUV apart.

The third generation came in 2001 and was the first to be built with a unibody. As more generations and concepts came over the years, Range Rover is still one of the best luxury SUVs to take on outdoor and city adventures alike.

Same vintage look, fully restored

As much as the rectangle headlights and silhouette are recognizable as Range Rover’s iconic design, there’s still much to be appreciated for the early days. This 1972 Range Rover is in a beautiful Tuscan blue and exudes that vintage vibe we all can appreciate.

The 3-door SUV has a 3.5 V8 Suffix A engine and 7,861 miles under its belt. It has a manual gearbox and 4WD. The interior is a beautiful beige leather and features five seats. The car was registered for the first time in Italy in Turin in 1972. Its suffix A chassis is very rare and is one of the first Range Rover LHD, or Left Hand Drive. The car still has its original Italian plates, which add that extra vintage flair. 

This old beauty was bought in 1983 by a well-known collector of Jaguar cars named Vincenzo Fulginiti. He kept the car in Sestrière, which is one of the most famous vacation destinations in Italy’s Monte Bianco ski resort. In 2008, it was sold to Mr. Edoardo Casolari.

In 2009, Guglielmo Miani, collector and Milanese fashion and textiles entrepreneur, bought the car. It underwent a complete restoration, including bringing back its original Tuscan blue shade. The carpets were changed and the interior is otherwise original. If you’re looking for a vintage SUV, there’s none better than a Range Rover. Listing price is set at $81,717. Buy Here