1974 Ford Bronco: The Ultimate Restomod

‘Restomod’ is taking a classic car and blending its original bits and pieces with modern technology to create the best of both worlds. Classic, yet advanced. It’s a recipe that’s hard to beat, and this 1974 Ford Bronco has taken this recipe and shown exactly why. With unmistakable old school style and parts with some modern bits to add to the car where it counts, this Ford is near perfection.

Beauty and Brawn

This ’74 Bronco has all the beauty it did back when it was released, yet drives better than even a modern Ford machine. Apart from the aftermarket Velocity bumpers, lights, and wheels, this truck is mostly unchanged on the outside. This lets the car remain classic and authentic in its style. However, under the hood this is no classic. It’s got one of the best motors Ford has ever made.

The 5.0 liter Coyote V8. It provides tons of power at any RPM, and sounds incredible, yet very unique for a V8. This is especially true in this case because that sound is delivered through a 3″ performance exhaust. The trans behind this motor is a 6R80 6 speed. With subtle revisions on the interior and plenty of chassis and suspension related upgrades, this car is a dream to drive. While it may look like something nearly 50 years old, it feels like something from the future.

The Bronco is one of Ford’s best automobiles. And this 1974 Ford Bronco delivers every ounce of enjoyment you could possibly squeeze out. With a timeless look that is undoubtedly classic, and modern tech taking care of power, handling, and even safety and comfort, this car has no weakness. Whether you want something fun to cruise in that takes you back to your younger days, or you want to tear up the trails and backroads, this Ford is ready to deliver. Learn More

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