1981 Toyota Land Cruiser: Restored to Showroom Quality

Owning old cars can be a risk. With things like rust, high mileage engines, and worn out parts to worry about, it’s stressful. But with restorations to thank, owning classic cars can be much easier. This Toyota Land Cruiser is nearly 40 years old but looks and drives like new after an in depth restoration. It’s got all the charm of a classic vehicle with none of the fuss. If you’re looking for a like new old school machine, this is the perfect example.

Under the Hood of This FJ40

This car has been fully restored and is all in perfect working order for its next owner. The 2F inline six-cylinder engine has been taken apart and fully rebuilt. Regardless of the mileage, it is totally refreshed and ready to rip like new. The four-speed manual transmission has also been refreshed and completely resealed. The ignition components, carburetor, and fuel system have all been rebuilt or replaced with new parts to ensure optimal reliability. The fuel tank has also been re-lined, and all the lines and hoses throughout the car have been replaced as well.

Underneath the car is all refreshed and ready to go as well. The differentials and transfer case have been gone through and inspected to make sure all the power from the engine gets to the wheels without any issues. The trucks suspension components are all brand new, and the steering elements and steering box have been rebuilt too. With all new bushings, and a rebuilt master cylinder, booster, and new brake lines this FJ is ready to take on any road or trail.

Inside the Cockpit of this Land Cruiser

The interior features a nice mix of replaced pieces and some original parts as well. The whole chassis has been stripped and refinished in orange and black, including the interior. Inside the front and rear seats have been completely restored to showroom quality. The gauges are the same ones fitted to the truck in ’81. They have been touched up to look as good as they did almost 40 years ago. The wiring has all been sorted through so all signals, lights, and switches are in working order like the rest of the truck.

The black interior pieces contrast strongly against the orange chassis to give a very  cool looking view from the driver’s seat. Inside and out this Toyota looks and feels like it just rolled off the assembly line and is ready for its next driver. Whether you want to cruise through the city streets or rip around off-road trails, this FJ is sturdy enough to handle it all.

Any classic car enthusiast would be more than happy to drive this dime of a truck. All restored vehicles are something special, but this one is even more special. The Land Cruiser is one of Toyota’s best off-road vehicles. If you love off-roading, classic cars, or just want something cool then the Toyota Land Cruiser is perfect for you. Pick up this lovely example to experience what it would’ve felt like way back in ’81 when it was new. Learn More

1981 toyota fj


1981 fj

1981 toyota fj

1981 toyota fj


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