Take On Nature In This 1990 Land Rover 110

Do you ever just look at a car and know that it is meant to brave the wild? A lot of Land Rover models have that look about them. They are simply begging to leave the asphalt behind and explore the land less-traveled.

This 1990 Land Rover 110 certainly has that gene. Its look is inspired by adventure and its specs are up to the challenge. Behind the wheel of this overhauled creation, you’ll be ready to take on anything the terrain throws at you.

Get Going

Under the hood, this car features a remanufactured 2.5-liter 200Tdi inline-four engine with a variable-geometry turbocharger. It boasts four-wheel drive capabilities and a five-speed manual transmission. Yes, it gives you the pleasure of driving stick.

On the exterior, it features a Safety Devices roll cage, an Old Man Emu suspension, a cargo drawer, onboard water storage, and more. The matching roof rack and ladder are perfect for storing the Autohome Columbus pop-up roof tent. When your off-road adventure ends, you can simply put it in park and climb into bed. Literally. The pop-up tent even has an integrated mattress.

Living in Luxury

Land Rovers always shout performance. However, they also stand for luxury. This model is no different. It is upholstered in black leather with red stitching that creates eye-catching contrast. You’ll find five 12-volt outlets, LED lighting, an Iron Goat console, and a locking storage cubby for your valuables.

The carpet is protected by rubber mats and a padding kit keeps you separated from the interior portion of the roll cage. This 1990 vehicle has also been updated to support a Garmin Montana GPS and Apple CarPlay so you can enjoy modern amenities while you’re on the go.

When you’re behind the wheel of this exploration behemoth, there’s nothing off-limits. Learn more

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