This 1990 Mercedes-Benz Wolf 250GD Is Shockingly Affordable

1990 Mercedes-Benz Wolf

Anytime we feature oldish SUVs — that are restored or in immaculate condition — on our site, they usually come with a lofty price tag. Most of the time they are upwards of $80,000 and some are even over six figures. Those are prices only people who are truly in the one-percent should pay. Or people who live way above their means. That is why I was shocked to see the starting auction price for this 1990 Mercedes-Benz Wolf 250GD. It’s only $46,000.

Granted, $46,000 is more than most people can afford, but if you want an old-school SUV to enjoy, this is a decent price point. Especially when you consider the condition this 1990 Mercedes-Benz Wolf 250GD is in.

Via Bring A Trailer:

This 1990 Mercedes-Benz Wolf 250GD was a Bundeswehr military vehicle that was refurbished in Germany before being sold to the previous owner in Texas. The work included a bare-metal repaint, a rebuild of the 5-speed manual transmission, and installing new seats, a Sachs heavy-duty clutch, 2″ suspension lift, 15″ Mercedes steel wheels, and more. Approximately 1k miles have been added to the truck since acquired by the selling dealer in August 2017, and he’s serviced the non-original OM602 five cylinder diesel engine with new batteries and an oil/filter change. The truck is described as running strong and is now being offered with a clean Texas title.

Paint this beauty black or some other color than yellow and I would buy it tomorrow. Maybe even today.

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[H/T Bring A Trailer via HiConsumption]

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