This Rare 1994 Ferrari 348 GT Michelotto Competizone Is a Collector’s Dream

We always want what we can’t have. When there are limited runs, you can’t help but want and obsess over it. Yeezys, Jordans, stamps, coins, and of course, cars. As collecting goes, a limited edition is the holy grail. The Ferrari 348 GT Michelotto Competizione is one of these holy grails. With just 11 built and only four that made their way into the US, they are highly sought after. Nine were never raced and were put directly in private collections. This model is offered by Auxietre & Schmidt, a treasure trove of collector cars. Born out of a collaboration between two seasoned collectors with over 30 years of experience in the industry combined, the company sells many classic and limited edition cars, like this Ferrari.

Dynamic and powerful

This Ferrari 348 GT was shipped to Florida’s largest factory-authorized Ferrari dealer in December 1994. The car went through some modifications to meet American FIA regulations. This included a special fire-extinguisher system and adding Momo race seats. The Ferrari was owned by two private collectors until it was bought by Texan collector John O’Quinn. After O’Quinn’s death, it was then sold to the current European owner. The car is in great condition, having gone through extensive mechanical service in 2019. This includes a full engine check with cam belts replacement, full transmission rebuild, and a brake purge as well. The car was never raced and only used for track days and parades from time to time. It only shows 3,500 original km (2,175 mi) on the clock.

The 348 GTs were built with stock engines. They were modified to bring 360 bhp with reconfigured fuel mapping and F40 half-shafts. The body has a Lexan rear window and lightweight alloy panels for the engine cover and deck lid. The car uses carbon fiber throughout, including in the doors, bumpers, under tray, and ducts. It has 15-inch Brembo disc brakes and sits on 18-inch Speedline center-locking five-spoke magnesium wheels. The suspension features fully adjustable dampers and updated geometry. The gussets added to the engine bay increase the car’s structure. To lower the overall weight, non-essential interior items were removed. The interior was also fitted with an FIA-spec roll cage. The original pedals were replaced with drilled aluminum pedals. This car is a very rare gem that would make any collection shine. Buy Here

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