This Classic 1997 Land Rover Defender 90 NAS LE is Ready to Hit the Trails

In the world of off-roading, it seems everyone is in a Jeep or an old pick up. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd a bit and still have the most functional vehicles in the fleet then this Land Rover is for you. As one of Europes finest rock crawling and creek splashing SUV’s, the defender is begging to be driven, and here’s why.

Under the Hood: Where it’s Been Kept Classic

This Defender is not your average Land Rover. This is the Defender 90 NAS LE. That means it is a limited edition hardtop version made for the US. This Defender, in particular, is number 19 of only 300 in America. With that in mind, it is no wonder the car has been kept all original under the hood. The original 4.0 liter V8 is still the heart of this beast. The power goes through a 4-speed automatic transmission and a 2-speed transfer case sending power to all 4 wheels. This combination is ideal for climbing over boulders and up steep inclines.

Seeing a car from the factory have parts like this is something truly special. Typically when you want to drive a car anywhere other than public roads there is a bit of modifying needed. But with this one Land Rover made it ready from factory to be taken onto any trail. Some more fun pieces on this car are the recently replaced muffler and tailpipe. It has also had all its fluids and filters replaced recently so it is all sorted out for the next owner.

This defender is wearing Willow Green paint on the exterior with a gray interior and comes with the stock wheels and some extra spare parts. The interior features a sunroof, windshield heater, CB Radio and GPS system to keep you from getting lost. It also features an electronic trailer brake, an accessory not even found on all SUV’s today. All of this with an odometer reading 67K miles means that this car is eager to take on its next owner.

Aftermarket Pieces: Where this Defender is Even More Special Than the Rest

With lots of original Land Rover parts left on this car, the owner had to modify and upgrade at least some areas of the Defender, and we are totally on board. Extra metal flooring has been added to the roof rack for even more cargo space as well as two Hella lights mounted to the front of the outer cage for additional lighting. One of my favorite features of this entire car is the hot shower. Yes, you read that correctly. A hot shower. Using water from the tap or a natural source this shower has curtains, metal controls, hoses, water pump, and most importantly an engine mounted heater. This means after a long day of hitting the trails you don’t even need to leave to find a hotel.

You can camp out and enjoy the natural scenery without having to skimp out on a clean and relaxing hot shower. Apart from that, the car is currently sitting on some proper off-roading black steel wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain tires with a spare on the back. The factory wheels are set in Bridgestone snow tires to give you some choice as to what rubber you need to get the job done. At all four corners, this car has upgraded the original suspension components by adding Old Man Emu heavy duty springs, as well as Rancho RS9000 shocks and stainless steel braided brake lines.

The rear seats have been replaced with a lock protected TruckVault storage drawer. Inside are the components to the shower, a few spare parts, factory lug nuts, and literature. Under the passenger seat is a handgun safe and fuse panel.

Extra Armour to Keep this Rover Safe

With all these fancy bits and pieces you might be worried that taking it off road could damage something, but that has been thought of already. To keep this Defender safe is a RockWare transmission skid plate, front and rear pinion guards, frame sliders, and rock sliders coated in bed liner.

If that isn’t enough to give to the courage to take this out of the garage maybe Mantec aluminum steering guard, or the differential guards will do the trick. *Que the infomercial “But wait, there’s more!” sound effect* because there is more. The entire underside of the Rover has been coated with POR-15 to protect it from rock chips and the sworn enemy of all classic cars, rust.

Carfax has also provided an extensive history of the car so you can rest easy knowing there aren’t any secret accidents this car has been in waiting to cause issues for you again. If you still don’t have the peace of mind that this Defender is more than capable and safe enough to hit the trails with ease then I don’t think there’s anything that could change your mind, because this is as good as it gets.

In the classic car and off-road world, this 1997 Land Rover Defender 90 NAS LE is one of the best examples out there. With a seamless mix or original parts to keep it classic as well as some upgrades to toughen the car up, it really isn’t lacking in any areas. If you’re searching for the ultimate rock crawler or trailblazer pick this up to not only drive with ease but also stick out from the usual off-road vehicles. Learn More



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