See Tiger Woods’ First Major Through His Eyes In ‘The 1997 Masters: My Story’

1997 masters tiger woods

Tiger Woods won the 1997 Masters tournament in horrifying fashion. At the time, Woods was a 21-year-old phenom and he dusted the entire field by a historic 12 shots. To this day — 20 years later — that remains the widest margin of victory in the tournament’s history. For the first time ever, Tiger has decided to share everything that was going through his head throughout the week in The 1997 Masters: My Story. Sure, he could have released this book or these thoughts almost lifetime ago, but he decided to wait for the 20th anniversary to make it that much more special. Buy It Now 

If you’re curious just how deflating playing in the 1997 Masters was for every other pro not named Tiger Woods, just listen to Colin Montgomerie’s comments after the third round.

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