20 Best Gifts For Guitar Players: From Pedals to Guitar Lessons

The versatility of the guitar makes it a favorite of musicians around the world. In fact, it is often the first instrument many people learn to play. So, it should come as no surprise that around half a billion people know how to pluck the strings.

Whether you’re a heavy metal shredder, a classical player, or maybe a country strummer, these gifts for guitar players are sure to put a smile on your face. Or theirs if you’re shopping for someone else and can’t imagine learning to play that thing. Don’t worry, we won’t judge.

Here are the 20 best gifts for guitar players you can get your hands on right now:


Marshall Mini Amp

There’s no denying the sick sound of an electric guitar. Unfortunately, it needs some extra hardware to get that sound going. Though hooking up to an amp at home or at a concert is no problem, you can’t haul it around everywhere. Now you can. This mini amp from the guitar wizards over at Marshall is just 14 x 11 x 6 centimeters and is ready to go anywhere. From the beach to your hotel room to the campground, you can now practice guitar on the go. Best yet, it runs strictly on battery power so you don’t even have to worry about an outlet. Buy it here


Visual Compendium Of Guitars

Don’t know what a compendium is? That’s okay. We can call it a poster. And if you’re a guitarist, we can bet that you’re pretty familiar with posters. Whether it’s a favorite rockstar or a post-concert-gift-shop-splurge, posters are an iconic part of music culture. This one features 64 famous guitars chosen carefully from over 75 years of rock n’ roll history. Everything from Leadbelly’s 12-string to Guthrie’s multi-necked hydras are present. Every guitar player will recognize a favorite or two on this poster. Plus, you can learn to love all the other styles. Buy it here


Gator G-Tour Case

Remember when guitar used to be an instrument you only played with your hands? Now, thanks to electric guitars and boundary-pushing rock, you can use your feet too. Serious and casual musicians alike have a pedal board at their feet to alter and heighten their music. Even though you’re stomping on those pedals throughout a performance they need some protection while you’re on the road. That’s where this G-Tour case from Gator comes in. Plywood reinforced with aluminum valance is padded with pro-grade, shock absorbing EVA to keep your pedals comfy and safe. The case comes in different sizes and even has wheels to make touring or taking your show on the road convenient and fully protected. Buy it here


Snark Guitar Tuner

No one wants to listen to a guitar that’s out of tune. To an experienced player, it is infuriating. To the everyday listener, something is just going to sound off. Still, you want to make sure your guitar is playing just right. Unless you’ve been playing for years and can tune by ear, you might need some help. This tuner from Snark clips on and allows you to tune at any angle with a 360-degree swivel head. To tune, just tap in a tempo and use the arrow buttons to adjust the sound. As a bonus, this tuner has frequencies for guitar, bass, and violin so the whole band can use it, making it a perfect gift for the music lover in your life. Buy it here


Guitar Slide Gift Set

If you’ve never heard (or tried playing) slide guitar, you should definitely give it a listen. This unique style is often used in blues music and creates a rich sound. This gift set of guitar slides is perfect for the slide guitar player on your list. It comes with three different slides that offer different features. A solid brass slide delivers treble and stable base sounds. The 304 stainless steel gives great resonance and a clear sound. Finally, a borosilicate glass slide brings middle harmonics and those silky blues sounds. The kit also comes with 6 guitar picks and a cool gift box. Buy it here


Musician’s Tool Kit

Instruments break. It’s no fun but it happens. Fortunately, a guitar is fairly simple and can be fixed as long as you have the right tools. That’s exactly what this kit is. It includes almost everything you need to perform (no pun intended) minor repairs on your instrument. You can change the strings, set tones, check string height and more. It also comes with a polish cloth and special “wonder wipes” to clean your guitar and give it that stage-ready shine. Everything is wrapped up in a convenient carrying case for easy transport. Buy it here


Guitar Starter Set

Does all this guitar talk have you wishing you were the one playing? If that’s the case, or if you’re shopping for a future musician, then this kit is for you. This one includes a Squier electric guitar with a Fender Frontman amp. In case you were wondering, Squier is the entry level brand from Fender. The set also comes with a guitar strap, picks, and an electronic tuner. You’ll learn from an Austin Bazaar instructional guitar basics DVD and also get a free trial of Fender Play. Yep, an app that teaches you how to play guitar. Buy it here


Planet Waves Peg Winder

Anyone who has changed guitar strings by hand knows it’s a tedious process. It can even be painful if you don’t have crazy-calloused fingers. Fortunately, this Planet Waves winder allows you to quickly change strings with a cordless drill. The adapter accommodates vintage and modern guitars as well as most basses. The steel shaft is nickel-plated and gives this tool great longevity. Meanwhile, the high performance polymer peg winder is a one-size-fits-all solution. So, save your fingers and your time with this handy adapter next time you need to re-wind the strings. Buy it here


Folding Hardwood Guitar Case Rack

For guitar players with more than one guitar baby, this stand is an incredible gift. This hardwood stand can hold up to four guitars in their case upright. It is 100% made in the United States from either oak or black walnut. Either way, the genuine look of the stand makes it perfect for any room or even the garage. Fortunately, you can move this stand around with you because it folds nearly flat. The assembly process is quick and easy and all you need is a screwdriver. So, unless you hang your guitars on the wall like the poster we saw earlier, this rack is a perfect solution for stashing the ones you aren’t currently playing. Buy it here


Mogami Gold Guitar Cables

Everything is “no-wires” these days. Except for guitars. If you want truly fantastic sound, you need a cable that will deliver. Mogami is the top choice for wiring professional recording studios and has been for decades. Now you can get yours and elevate your sound. This cable exhibits incredible clarity and leaves a silent backdrop for your music to shine on. Made of ultra-high-density spiral shield, an oxygen-free copper core, and a PVC anti-static layer, using this cord you won’t have any issues. It comes in 3, 6, 10, 18, and 25 feet in length so you can rock on no matter how big the stage is. Buy it here


Dunlop Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks

Playing with your fingers is great for beginners and those playing slower songs. However, when you start shredding a rock song, your fingers will wish you had a guitar pick. If that’s the case, the Max Grip Jazz III from Dunlop is a fantastic choice. It features cutting-edge non-slip technology across the entire surface to give you unrelenting control. Meanwhile, the tip boasts a sharp beveled edge for quick string release. This lets you keep a crisp, clear note all while increasing your speed on the strings. A high-quality pick can make all the difference, and this one is certainly high quality. Buy it here


Guitar Player Evolution T-Shirt

Do you think that being a guitar player is the height of evolution? Are musicians really the top of the food chain? If you think so, then this is going to be your new favorite shirt. Starting with the lowly ape to the Neanderthal and ending up with a rockstar, it documents the evolution of human music. The 100% ring-spun cotton shirt is extremely comfortable and silky soft. Like we said, it will be your new favorite shirt. Think Out Loud, the company behind the shirts, has an FAQ that reads, “People keep staring at my shirt, what should I do?” Don’t worry, they say, this is completely normal. Just imagine wearing this shirt to play a sweet gig. Buy it here


Guitar Chords Cheatsheet

For those just learning to play guitar, memorizing chords can be a daunting task. Even though there are plenty that aren’t that complex, but they tend to get jumbled in your mind. This laminated card fits in your pocket and features 49 open chords and 84 moveable chords. At just 4 x 6 inches, it’s hard to believe they packed so much useful info onto it. This is a great tool for taking learning the guitar on the go and recalling those pesky chords. Soon enough you’ll have this thing memorized and be playing with no help needed. Buy it here


Pick-A-Palooza Guitar Pick Punch

When this product first came out, it made waves. Everyone wanted one, even people who didn’t play guitar. It allows you to make a custom guitar pick from any card you want. The heavy-duty stainless-steel blade guarantees a smooth, uniform pick every time. Whether you want to use an old credit card, a gift card, or driver’s license (if you’re sure), this punch will make you a pick. That hotel room key you’ve been carrying because of a memorable weekend? Make it into a few guitar picks to take on stage. Never be pickless again with this punch from Pick-A-Palooza. Buy it here


Cry Baby Multi-Wah Guitar Pedal

For new parents, hearing a constant wah-wah is a nightmare. For guitarists, that sweet wah-wah is the mark of high quality rock music. This pedal is the most versatile wah pedal on the market and provides control over all the parameters you find important. You can choose the frequency center of the effect and dial in the range for the pedal to sweep. An adjustable, switchable boost can sustain any note forever. Famous guitarists from Hendrix to Slash have used similar pedals to create iconic sound in their music and now you can with the Cry Baby. Wah-wah-wah. Buy it here


Guitar Scales Handbook

Remember the chords cheatsheet? Well now you can learn scales to go along with them. This handy book (maybe that’s why they call it a handbook?) teaches you how to play guitar scales in 100 simple lessons. From guitar teacher of 25 years Damon Ferrante, this book is the best way to elevate your playing speed and fluidity. But don’t just take our word for it. This book ranks #1 on Amazon for Songwriting and #5 for Guitars (books). If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can even read it for free! If not… Buy it here


Fender Play

Sure, you could teach yourself how to play guitar via YouTube. Many successful players have. But that path is often a winding road that leads you down a rabbit hole of trying to find the right lesson. With Fender Play, you get a digital guitar instructor that takes you step by step on a journey to learn the instrument. You can track your progress, view lessons with a multi-camera approach, and see tabs and chorded diagrams along the way. Learn at your pace on all your devices with access to Fender Play. A subscription makes a great gift for the guitarist in your life. Buy it here


Guitar Wall Mount

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like holing your guitars up in a case all the time, a wall mount might be a better alternative. With this one, you can do it in style. The hardwood base is shaped like a guitar and securely attaches to the wall to hold your instrument up. Better yet, when you put your guitar into the mount, an auto-locking mechanism secures it so it won’t slip out. Put a few of these together to create a work of art with your guitars that compliments any man-cave or band den. Whether you plan to get them down and play them or hang them long-term, this mount is the answer. Buy it here


Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Wait… this isn’t a best gift for workout lovers list. Right? Yes friends, that is correct. But guitarists need some serious hand strength if they want to play for a long period of time. The Gripmaster is the perfect way to do that. It challenges each finger individually and provides up to 9 pounds of resistance for each. Or, you can work your forearms, wrist, and whole hand for a more complete workout. For any guitarist looking to rock n’ roll all night long, the Grip Master is a must have. Who says musicians don’t workout? Buy it here


Xvive U2 Wireless Digital Guitar System

Remember when we said that electric guitars have to be a mess of wires? We lied just a little bit. Though studio-quality audio relies on a hardwired system, casual players can go cord-free when they start playing. This nifty system turns your guitar into a wireless system that plays from over 70 feet away. Operating on a 2.4 GHz band system, it is a plug and play solution even if you aren’t techy. Just plug one piece into your guitar and the other into the amp and you’re ready to rock. Buy it here


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