20 Best Slide Sandals For Men That Have Comfort and Style


Guys have a lot less shoe options than the ladies do in the heat of the summer. Please, for everyone’s sake, don’t wear those cheap flip flops. Seriously, the only thing those are good for is showering in a public shower. Instead, slip on a pair of these cool slide sandals. Not only will they keep you comfortable in the warmer weather, you’ll look good doing it.

We’ve collected a list of the 20 best slide sandals for men. The sandals that made the cut are a mix of comfort and style that you are sure to love. You’ll also notice that many of the entries come from some of your favorite brands. That’s right, you can still rep the Swoosh or the Three Stripes in your slides this summer. Enjoy!


20 Best Slide Sandals For Men


Under Armor Men’s Locker III Slide Sandal

Our first sandal comes from workout gear powerhouse Under Armor. The Locker III is the third iteration of their classic Locker slide sandal. Although it looks simple, it is a work of engineering brilliance. The one-piece EVA molded slide is ideal for using by the pool or in the locker room. The strap, footbed, and outsole are all specifically engineered to transport water away from your foot. Unlike some sandals that retain water after getting wet, these will quickly dry out and keep your feet from getting wrinkly. As a bonus, the non-slip rubber sole means you don’t have to worry about slipping when they’re wet either. Ignore those yellow signs. You have cool slides. Buy Here


Nike Benassi “Just Do IT” Slide Sandal

Take it from me, these sandals are comfortable enough to wear all day. I would know, I wear them myself. The footbed of these sandals are a synthetic mixture and have an injected phylon midsole for cushioning. As you wear them, the footbed will gradually take the form of your foot, making these sandals even more comfortable as you wear them. The synthetic leather strap features the classic Nike Swoosh and Nike written out above it. On the bottom of the strap there is a jersey material lining for a soft feel and cushion atop your foot. Finally, the sole features flex grooves to help the slide move with your foot. Buy Here


Jordan Men’s Hydro 7 Sandal

You’re seeing it in real life. Now you can wear your J’s in sandal form. In true Jordan fashion, these sandals do not disappoint. The Jordan Jumpman logo is featured boldly on the strap for sophistication and timeless, legendary style. You’ll love the cushioned strap, which is Velcro and fully adjustable for a customized, snug fit. They also have a very defined basketball vibe. Great to show up to the court in before the game. The outsole is very lightweight, so the slides stay on your feet and the foamy footbed offers premier cushioning while massaging your feet. These also come in a wide range of colors so you can grab a few pairs to match your clothes no matter the outfit. Buy Here


Jordan Men’s Hydro III Retro Slide Sandal

You might think that the Hydro III is a downgrade from the Hydro 7 we just listed. We hate to say it, but you’d be wrong. The Hydro III is no downgrade, just named after and inspired by the Jordan III basketball shoes.

These sandals are high-class and high-style. The white genuine leather strap is durable and stylish, featuring a plush underside and vent holes to keep you cool. It goes great with the bright red Solarsoft footbed for a classic red/white Jordan look. The unique design on the heel definitely gives these slides a retro Jordan vibe as well. In case you weren’t already getting J vibes, the large red Jumpman logo on the strap should do it for you. Buy Here


Adidas Performance Superstar 3G Slide Sandal

There is only one appropriate thing to think when you see this sandal. Only one. That they look so damn comfy you want to slide into them right now. If you don’t think that right away then maybe you’re already wearing clouds on your feet. The strap adjusts for a custom fit with a pull-tab closure. It also has some high-contrast Adidas stripes (see we told you you could rock the 3-stripes). A FitFoam midsole made from visco-elastic rebound foam (even the name sounds comfy) contours to your foot like a custom mold. An injected EVA outsole keeps the shoe lightweight while providing plenty of support. So, unless you can get your hands on a cloud, get them on these sandals. Just kidding, get your feet into them not your hands. Buy Here


Lacoste Men’s Fraisier Slides

Here is our first non-athletic brand slide of the list. These cool sandals echo the typical Lacoste style. They feature a crocodile skin effect on the footbed and bold Lacoste lettering. They are made from synthetic materials but have a very real look to them. The craftsmanship and sewing on the strap especially make these look expensive and classy. Also, who wouldn’t want to wear a giant crocodile across the top of their foot? In these slides you can. The simple, one-color design means that they are flexible and can go with lots of different outfits while providing comfort and style. They do run a little small, so try ordering a size up if you’re not sure. Buy Here


Puma Leadcat Suede Slide Sandal

We take a dip back into the athletic sandal world with this pair from Puma. Admittedly, these would be great for lots of events thanks to their classy suede look. We could picture them finding their way into a new rap music video. Puma’s Leadcat sandal is imported and features a leather footbed and synthetic sole. They are a stylish break from the synthetic and sporty materials we’ve had on the list so far. We also love the fact that they put “Puma Suede” on the strap just in case you need to remind people how classy you are. Yeah, your sandals are suede. They even say it. No more questions. Buy Here


Crevo Men’s Baja II Dress Sandal

Whoa! A completely non-athletic sandal?? That’s right, we’re shaking it up. Just had to lead you in a little with the suede Pumas. These bad boys are a truly non-athletic slide that look great as a dress sandal or a casual island footwear. Seriously, wouldn’t Tom Hanks have loved these in Castaway? These sandals feature a woven hemp upper (yeah we know you prefer the other part of the cannabis plant but hey still pretty cool). It has a rough edge trim for a handmade feel. A padded memory foam insole means plenty of comfort and the fabric footbed will be soft on your feet. Love these. Love them mon. Buy Here


Reef Slidely Slide Sandal

No, that isn’t a joke. They are literally called the Slidely Slide Sandals. That might be the world’s best name for a sandal. Anyway, aside from the name, these may be the simplest slides on our list. If you like comfortable but understated footwear, then they are for you. The simple black footbed is compression molded and offers arch support. This is often lacking in slides, so it is nice to see here. An all-black textured black EVA upper is free of glaring logos for a plain, subtle look. These shoes also offer some excellent traction so there won’t be any slidely sliding around. Buy Here


Pikolinos Men’s Tarifa Dress Sandal

Let’s just get this out of the way. We have no idea how to pronounce that brand name. We do know, however, that these sandals are stylish and really cool. On first glance, they look a bit like a slide and a moccasin had too much time together in the shoe closet. When you look closer, you’ll see that that is exactly what happened. If you’re a fan of moccasins in the winter, then you’ll love wearing these slides in the summer. Elegant stitching around the 100% leather footbed gives us such strong moccasin vibes. The double-crossing (not the backstabbing kind, it literally crosses your foot twice) leather upper will keep your foot securely in the slide. Honestly, there’s no good reason not to wear these. Just put them on. Buy Here


Teva Katavi Slide Outdoor Sandal

Yes, we’re telling you that they make slides specifically for the great outdoors. And no, these aren’t your Dad’s Tevas. These sandals look heavy duty on a glance. Fortunately, they are heavy duty by nature not just by looks. A thick rubber outsole offers superior traction on all sorts of terrains. Take these bad boys off roading. A compression-molded EVA midsole and nylon stability shank give you comfort and support. The suede and mesh tri-tone vamp strap features Teva embroidery and keep the sandals on your feet. Even when you’re trekking through the wilderness. Buy Here


Crocs Crocband LoPro Slide

Guys, we had to do it. You know we couldn’t resist. We love and we hate Crocs, but they make some awesome sandals. Just give them a chance. What these ones lack in style points compared to some others on the list, they make up for in comfort and reliability. Like all Crocs, they feature a 100% synthetic makeup, meaning they are reliable and will last a long time. The footbed features massaging nubs while the midsole features a white striped design. And yes, don’t worry, you can still use your Jibbitz. There are six “Crocs holes” in each sandal’s strap. Buy Here


Crocs Men’s Citilane Roka Tropical Slide Sandal

Oops, we did it again. But look at how fun these are! We guarantee that you’ve never seen anyone wearing these sandals. Just like the Reef Slides earlier were for a guy who likes to stay subtle, these ones are for the guy who likes to stand out. Whether you’re at the beach or wishing you were, these sandals let you take your ocean vibes with you. They are made from Coslite foam and are super light. The upper is made from TPU and features a blue/green palm tree design. It also has plenty of holes so that these sandals don’t retain water. No Jibbitz on these ones though. But, on the plus side, the Crocs lettering is almost invisible, so no one needs to know that you’re wearing them. Buy Here


Diesel a-Lohaa Sa-Maral M Slide Sandal

No that isn’t gibberish. These are Italian made sandals. Get some class. Geez. We aren’t really sure what it means, but we are sure that these sandals are cool. They feature a fashion graphic on the strap. There are lots of people flashing up peace signs and shakas. It doesn’t get trendier and more hipster than these. They would look great while out skateboarding or while going for a stroll around LA. The synthetic sole is simple, but plenty comfortable. In case you didn’t get the reference, diesel fuel is known as an “alternative” and the Diesel clothing line is alternative as well. Buy Here


Under Armor UA Ignite Camo IV Slide Sandal

We’re back to our sportswear brands with Under Armor. However, you’ll notice that these sandals look quite different than the others. Why? Because you can’t see them. You can’t see them, right? No, of course not. They’re camouflage. For real though, the uppers of these sandals are Under Armor HeatGear lined Real Tree Camo with Velcro adjusting. Two layers of UA Performance 4D foam with Real Tree Camo graphics on the footbed provide unmatched comfort. Anatomical contours match the shape of your foot for even more cushioning. These sandals are really top-notch. If only you could see them. Buy Here


AND1 Omni Memory Foam Slide Sandal

You may know the name AND1 from your street ball days. You may want to think again. These stylish slides are unique and comfortable. They feature a tropical navy blue/orange design on the footbed, which is EVA for ultra-cushioning. The synthetic strap is also navy and features a subtle, embossed AND1 logo. While it isn’t suede, it has a similar look and has plenty of comfortable padding. Buy Here


BVFCKMO Tropical Nature Men’s Fashion Sandals

We aren’t sure what’s bolder about these slides. The name of the company who makes them? BVFCKMO. Seriously? Could it be the awesome flamingo and tropical flower design on the strap? Regardless, we love both. Nothing screams self-confidence like sliding a pair of these on to your feet. The exquisite pattern is all you can ask for in unique sandals. The breathable material helps keep your feet cool. It doesn’t do as good as the awesome design does at making you cool though. Buy Here


GFLM Men’s Casual Slide Slippers

We’ll warn you, these aren’t your typical slide sandals. We’d also like to assure you that these are indeed men’s sandals. They are also awesome. You don’t know comfort until you have slid your foot into these. The separate pocket for your big toe is awesome and helps keep your feet cool on a summer day. It’s also better for your posture and feet as you walk. Fun facts all day. The simple, synthetic leather upper covers your foot while the cushioned, soft footbed below supports it. These may not be what you picture when it comes to slides, you should certainly be open to giving them a try. Buy Here


QuikSilver Shoreline Adjust Sandal

Surf’s up dude! These cool grey sandals are a nice break from the blacks and whites and leathers of our list so far. See, the world isn’t all black and white. Ha ha. The footbed is all one piece and is injection molded with a heel cup and arch support. The outsole is full of support and flexibility, while providing traction on slippery surfaces. Like sand? We think they designed them with sand in mind. The strap is fully adjustable with a Velcro closure and features a bold QuikSilver logo. A sea-blue underside provides a hint of the ocean on the otherwise grey sandal. Buy Here


Creative Fish Slides

Come on now, you didn’t really think we’d end on some boring athletic sandal did you? Nope, these are the next best thing to being out on the lake fishing. These handmade slides are made in both shape and design to look like a fish. They will surely, 1000% catch eyes as you stroll by wearing fish on your feet. They are made from PVC for soft and light comfort. These are fun for yourself, but even funnier to give as a gift. Oh, and the bottoms are non-slip, so you don’t have to worry about slipping around on a slippery fish. We know that was the first thing on your mind. Buy Here

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