2014 Pagani Huayra Scozia: Poster Car of Italy

Many people think of Lamborghini as the quintessential ‘poster car’ of Italy, Europe, or even the world. With wide hips, sharp angles, and angry eyes, they look most fitting on a 12 year old boys bedroom wall. However, Horacio Pagani, the founder of Pagani would disagree. He should know, after working for years at Lamborghini he realized he could build a better, and dare I say… more exciting Italian supercar.

Specs of The Pagani Huayra

The Pagani Huayra was built to fill the shoes of Pagani’s first supercar, the Zonda. The Zonda was a mind-boggling car, so it goes without saying that the Huayra is absolutely insane. The engine powering this beast is a 6.0 liter V12 out of a Mercedes Benz with two turbos strapped on. It makes a staggering 730 brake-horsepower.

This power takes the car all the way up to 238 mph. In its rear engine, rear wheel drive configuration, aerodynamics play a huge role in this car’s performance. Each corner has a flap directing air, as well as a large splitter at the front that continues under the car. All this wind tunnel-sculpted science helped create a very unique shape that makes the car equally as aggressive looking as it is beautiful.

This Huayra is called the Scozia. This name comes from the previous (and only) owner of the car who chose his to be spec’d out to pay homage to his Scottish heritage. His own families tartan covers the seats which look great against the tan and black interior. Each rear flap has a Scottish flag painted on the underside, a subtle yet unique personal touch.

The car has a Ferrari Grigio Silverstone paint scheme, and features a rear badge that reads ‘Scozia’. This car was ordered with an additional interior trim set, this way if the next owner does not choose to keep the Scottish theme it can be totally reupholstered to fit its original trim.

The Pagani Huayra is a crazy car on its own. There aren’t many supercars of this caliber that get personal touches to separate them from others in the factory. This unique Scozia version shows what subtle personal flair is like on the highest level. Buy Here

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