Get Into The Holiday Spirit With The 2016 Premium Whisky Advent Calendar

premium whisky advent calendar

We are officially past Thanksgiving, and we’re between the hottest deals of the year (Black Friday and Cyber Monday). As we march towards Christmas I wanted to start sharing some holiday cheer with you gentlemen, and today we’re looking at a 24-day Advent Calendar full of delicious premium whisky.

For the 24-days leading up to Christmas, this advent calendar features a total assortment of whiskies, including a 50-year-old whisky and one of the most prized Taiwanese whiskies around. If that sounds strange, it shouldn’t, in recent years Taiwan has been producing hoards of award-winning whiskies.

If you’re wondering which specific whiskies will be found in this 2016 Premium Advent Calendar you need to remember that part of the fun in Advent Calendars is the surprise. And while you won’t be able to learn all of the whiskies beforehand you can click here to see a handful of the bottles.


“Get excited, because you’ve landed on the page of The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar from Drinks by The Dram! Containing 24 wax sealed sample drams of top quality whiskies behind its glorious windows, Christmas countdowns don’t get much better than this!
A step up from the already incredible Whisky Advent Calendar, expect all manner of treats from top distilleries in Scotland and around the world! Among the 24 drams within this year’s Premium Whisky Advent Calendar you’ll find 50 year old Scotch, award-winning Taiwanese whisky and whiskies worth up to £600 a bottle!
This calendar is also available in Christmas Red Coloured Edition.”

Buy Here: $312

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