2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Is The Off-Road Truck You’ve Always Wanted

Ford Ranger Raptor

Full disclosure: this is a bittersweet post. On one hand, it is exciting to see and read about the 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor. On the other hand, it is depressing that this beast of a truck is not going to be available in the United States. Not now, and maybe not ever. Why must you tease us like this, Ford? Why, you bastards!?!?

To be fair, I could be wrong. Although the company unveiled this off-road performance truck in Thailand, we still could see a version in the U.S. So what is in this Raptor? Well, it packs an all-new twin-turbo 2.0-liter diesel inline four  with 210 horsepower and a staggering 369 lb-ft of torque. Since this truck is made for off-roading’, the automaker has increased the ground clearance to 283 mm (11.14 inches), while the approach angle of 32.5 degrees, ramp over angle of 24 degrees, and departure angle of 24 degrees as a package are superior to anything Ford has produced before. I’m not excited. You’re excited!

Other features per Ford:

  • Setting a new benchmark in off-road pickup capability, the new Ranger Raptor has been designed to combine Ford Performance DNA with Ranger’s renowned toughness and engineering capability
  • Ranger Raptor includes standard front and rear Fox Racing Shox shock absorbers to help travel at high speeds off-road and includes increased ride height, wider track and improved approach and departure angles that ensure extreme off-road capability and stability
  • Innovative all-new Watt’s linkage rear suspension with coilover rear springs helps ensure rear axle lateral stability off-road while also improving ride and handling
  • New powertrain combination of a 2.0-liter Bi-Turbo diesel engine and 10-speed transmission has proven durability through extensive testing, offering smooth torque and power through independent turbos and closer gear ratios over a wider overall span
  • Ranger Raptor has been tested in the world’s toughest conditions to ensure an unrivalled off-road package is offered to astonish and excite drivers

See more pics of the Ford Ranger Raptor and learn more about it from Ford

Ford Ranger Raptor Ford Ranger Raptor Ford Ranger Raptor Ford Ranger Raptor

Check out the 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor in action!

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