The F8 Spider Is Hard Evidence That Ferrari Remains The Best

Few manufacturers have dominated their market as well as Ferrari has in the supercar industry. Even today when the wealthy are spoiled for choice in picking their new supercars, Ferrari still remains number one. From the 458 to the current 488, they have been filling the impossibly large shoes they leave time and time again. With the Ferrari C8 Spider coming out, they’re pushing the envelope even further.

Most Impressive Ferrari To Date

In 2009 when the Ferrari 458 was released, it was recognized as one of the best cars they’ve ever built. It was beautiful as ever, sounded phenomenal, and even had the highest specific output of any naturally aspirated car ever. It seemed impossible to top this car, but to many’s surprise they did. With the 488 they refreshed the incredible look, made it lighter, and gave it a boost in power. Many would be quick to say Ferrari certainly couldn’t top this car. However, with the details of the new F8 Spider in the works, it’s not even close. Again Ferrari is taking the shape and many design cues of the previous car and updating it to look even more modern and aggressive. They’ve also smashed the specific output number of the 458 (127 cv per liter) by increasing it to a shocking 185 cv per liter. Beyond the looks and performance, they’ve kept the improvements going. The cockpit is nothing short of a work of art, and totally driver-focused; as all Ferrari’s should be. The sound from this new turbo V8 is going to be soundtrack worthy to give the best driving experience possible.

Ferrari consistently puts out the best supercars money can buy. It’s not one thing they do best, but the way the put everything together as a total driving package. This new Ferrari F8 Spider is not only delivering on the expectations but raising the bar. Once again, they’ve shown us why they remain number one. Learn More


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