This New 2020 Ford Bronco 4-Door Concept Needs To Become A Reality

2020 Ford Bronco

The world is dying to know what the 2020 Ford Bronco is going to look like. After seeing this concept design from Bronco6G, I can confidently say that it better look exactly like this, because I am in love. Especially the design with the with the “BRONCO” front grill.

Ford would be insane to ignore this entire design concept. The Internet was ablaze when the two-door concept came out, and now that we get to see a 4-door version with an “Air Roof” feature and an optional full-size spare in the back, I need this exact SUV to be produced more than ever.

Sadly, we still don’t have a clear idea of what the new Ford Bronco will actually look like. Thus far we’ve seen a handful of concepts and renderings (like these), but Ford’s lips have been sealed.

Learn more, and see more pictures, at Bronco6G

2020 Ford Bronco

2020 Ford Bronco 2020 Ford Bronco

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