Ring in 2020 with the Nature’s Dick Pics Calendar

We’ve all seen things that weren’t really there. Who remembers the “Face on Mars” or has seen Jesus on toast? While finding rabbits or dragons in clouds may be more of a childhood thing, there’s no age limit to imagination. See a surprised face in your outlet? Or maybe you’ve seen a strange old man in an orange. Ever look at a stone or tree and chuckle to yourself thinking it looks a little more…adult? If you think seeing dicks on your wall is hilarious, then ring in the new year with the Nature’s Dick Pics 2020 Wall Calendar. This calendar may not sound like it’s safe for work, but it is. Though there might be a few head turns as people pass your office. The calendar holds the beauty and humor of nature that everyone can appreciate.

A visually stunning and hilarious view of nature

This hilariously funny calendar of particularly shapely rocks will look great on anyone with a sense of humor’s wall. Each month will greet you with a new naturally formed hard…rock. From Goblin Valley State Park in Utah to The Pinnacles in Nambung, Australia, the calendar takes you around the world to see these treasures of nature. Ring in 2020 right with this calendar. It’s a G-rated take on a MA subject and the most random calendar or gift anyone could expect. It makes the perfect gift for white elephant parties, birthdays, bachelorette parties, gag gifts, and more. 

The calendar measures 11” x 17” opened, the perfect size for writing important events, like your doctor’s appointment to check your prostate. This new collection of nature’s finest really can’t be beat. If the humor of Mother Nature doesn’t sell you on this calendar, maybe the fact that it’s for good causes will. A percentage of every sale will be donated to help support national parks and prostate cancer research. Buy Here


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