2021 Yamaha SuperJet Is A Jet Ski But Better

First, let’s take a look at the basic specs of the 2021 Yamaha SuperJet. This bad boy is a one-seater, has a dry weight of 375 pounds, is 95.7 inches long, and holds 5 gallons of gas.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about the fun stuff. The SuperJet features Yamaha’s award-winning, three-cylinder, four-stroke, TR-1 marine engine. This allows you to go faster than ever before.

With a newly designed hull, there will always be a little bit of a challenge involved with balancing the craft. You won’t fall off but you won’t ever get bored. An added safety measure is the ability to control top speeds. This makes it great for new riders who might get a little too confident.


More In Store

An adjustable pole handle makes it easy to switch between riders of different heights. The jet pump nozzle can also be adjusted to 16 or 19 degrees to give you control over your turning angles. Reboarding has never been easier with the 2021 Yamaha SuperJet. There is a padded reboarding panel that is near slip-proof, making it easy to hop back on the craft.

Best Of Both Worlds

The 2021 Yamaha SuperJet is perfect for novice riders and experts alike. Many of the features allow for customizable riding experiences. For beginners, there is L-Mode, which stands for learner mode. For experts, there is the added obstacle of stability along with the standing component. Between the five-gallon fuel tank and the state-of-the-art technology, it makes sense to invest. This is a jet ski meant to be used and loved by the entire family. Make a trip to the lake or ocean an even more memorable experience with the all-new 2021 Yamaha SuperJet. Buy Now