These 3 Belts From Oakley Are Proof It’s Not All About Sunglasses

Oakley Signature Ellipse Belt

Oakley is a company that’s been long synonymous with sunglasses, but I’m here today to let you know that it’s not all about shades with this company. In addition to making some of the most respectable carabiners on the market Oakley is also releasing some incredible belts for the outdoorsman. Below I’ve pulled three belts from Oakley’s website, each with a different style and purpose, and each should have a place in your closet or around your waist.

Oakley Web Belt — Comes In Six Colors ($30)

Oakley Web Belt

The ‘Heather Web Belt’ from Oakley is extra-durable due to the woven structure of the fabric. The iconic ‘O’ logo on the belt is something you’ll find often with Oakley products, think of it as their signature style, but this belt is anything other than ordinary.

Purchase Today: $30


Oakley Stretch Braid Belt — Comes In 3 Colors ($50)

Oakley Stretch Braided Belt

The stretchy woven fabric is the signature detail of Oakley’s Stretch Braided Belt. This design also offers enhanced durability which leads to lasting even longer. This skews on the ‘hippie’ side of style but you can really wear this with most outfits, and it’ll look great with boat shoes.

Purchase Today: $50


Oakley’s Signature Ellipse Belt — Comes in 3 Colors ($50)

Oakley Signature Ellipse Belt

If this belt looks familiar it’s because this is the flagship belt in Oakley’s line. It’s designed with 100% leather and solid/heavy buckle featuring the signature Oakley logo. Coming in three bold colors (white, graphite, and jet black) this is a belt that can be worn with your darker suits or really with any dark outfit at all.

Purchase Today: $50

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