Want To 3D Print A Pizza? Now You Can With Foodini

First it way Play-Dough. You know, the one that’s fun to play with not to eat? Well then why did they make it so much fun to make pretend food out of? Now that you’re all grown up, it’s 3D printing. You can make just about anything you set your mind to. Unfortunately, you can’t eat what you print since it’s made of plastic. But what if you could? What if you could 3D print a pizza or a beautiful chocolate decoration for your dessert plate. Now you can. That’s the power of Foodini.

Print What You Make

It might seem a little gross to be eating 3D printed food. Fortunately, that food is actually made by your own hands before it ever goes into a printer. That is a key feature of the Foodini printer that makes it unique among other kitchen contraptions.

Foodini 3D food printer includes several stainless steel canisters. These “ink cartridges” are to be filled with your homemade printing materials. Whether this is pizza dough, chocolate, fresh guacamole, or something else you dream up, your options are endless.

Since you’re printing with fresh ingredients, the Foodini is a healthy, safe option. You know exactly what goes into the “ink” and can eat it confidently because of this. Even if you live a special lifestyle like vegan, vegetarian, or kosher, the Foodini is compatible.

Foodini may sound like a complicated, technical idea. You might be thinking that you’ll need some sort of engineering degree to make it work. Luckily, this is not the case. Foodini’s creators know that this is a new, novel way to prepare food. To make it more accessible to everyone, they have made the entire system very easy to use. There are even built-in recipes to help get you started.

Eat What You Print

The Foodini works by laying down layers of the food ink you create. You can choose a pre-made pattern or design your own. Then, put a clean plate in the machine and it will go to work. With layers as small as 0.5mm, you can truly create intricate designs using nothing but food. For individual home chefs or industry professionals, this is an extremely useful upgrade to any kitchen.

Once your food is printed, it’s time to cook. Creations can be served or plated directly depending on what you use as ink. If your choice needs cooking, you can bake the creation in the oven, freeze it, dehydrate it, maybe even deep fry it. The possibilities are endless.

After some experimenting, you’ll soon have a recipe that can’t be beat. When that’s the case, just save it to your Foodini Creator app. Then, you’ll be able to download and print it over and over with precision and ease.


If you’ve been dreaming of eating Play-Dough since you were a little kid, then you’re in luck. Well, not really. Don’t eat Play-Dought. But the Foodini makes it perfectly normal and perfectly safe to play with your food, design it, and then eat it. Buy Here


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