With This Ultra Slim 4-Port USB Rapid Charger You Can Juice Up Your Devices On The Go

Ultra Slim 4-Port Rapid USB Charger

With this ultra slim 4-port USB rapid charger you can ensure your devices never die on the go. It’s 2017, and most of us cannot afford to have our tablet or smartphone battery drained when we’re traveling or working. This is a perfect rapid charging hub for commuters and travelers alike.

Just Mobile AluCharge is the world’s slimmest USB charger. At less than 3/4 of an inch thick, the AluCharge is barely taller than a USB port, yet it can charge up to four devices simultaneously from just one power supply. And thanks to intelligent charging, it will always deliver exactly the right amount of power to iOS and Android devices. Constructed from high-quality components and finished in unibody aluminum, AluCharge will declutter any desk and slip into the slimmest pocket when you need to take your power on the go. Buy Here

Ultra Slim 4-Port USB Rapid Charger

Ultra Slim 4-Port USB RapidCharger

The Details:

  • Charges up to 4 devices simultaneously
  • Auto-detects & allocates optimal charging for iOS & Android devices
  • Super compact & worldwide travel ready

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