4K Is The Future Of Charcoal Grilling

Humans have been cooking things over charcoal for decades. We love the smoky, unique flavor that it gives to our food and the method couldn’t be more straightforward. Hot coals + food = delicious. But what if there was a better way to do charcoal grilling than the rusted out half-sphere grills you find in the park or campground? Well friends, there is. With 4K, charcoal grilling comes into the 21st century with the biggest update since the grill itself. By integrating technology and a machine-like body with charcoal, you get a top-notch grilling experience.

Futuristic Body Meets Charred Tree

The 4K grill has a huge array of features that make it better than any other on the market. It is striking visually on both the inside and outside. But it’s more than just a pretty grill. 4K is jam-packed with helpful features to make grilling easier, more efficient, and more precise.

Its outside is diecast aluminum and thick gauge metal. This means the grill is insulated tremendously to keep heat on the inside. The external sides of the 4K barely get warm even when the inside is sizzling hot.

The 4K also features a unique airflow control system that makes turning the heat up or down a precise experience. Each vent is numbered so you can see exactly how much air is getting in. This gives you more balanced airflow and more control over the temperature inside.

Technology Meets Tradition

When you’re ready to use the 4K grill, the process is simple and swift. No matches, lighters, or lighter fluid are necessary to get the heat going. All you have to do is tap the touch glass display on the front. Fire is literally at your fingertips with the 4K. One tap of the display and the grill will self-ignite so you can get started.

Once you start cooking, it’s nice to know what is going on under the hood. Fortunately, the 4K is outfitted with several sensors to help you do just that. It features two discreet probes in the hood itself and four removeable ones internally. Then, pull out your smartphone and see the data from inside displayed beautifully in real time via Bluetooth. That’s right, this charcoal grill talks to your phone so you what’s going on inside. That’s not all. The app also includes helpful hints, tips, and recipes for your new grill.

Everything You Need To Get Cooking

For beginners, grilling can be a daunting task. For experts, the right tools are necessary to get the job done well. Fortunately, the 4K comes with all of the accessories and parts that you need to get grilling.

This includes:

  • 2x matte vitreous enamel grill plates
  • 2x 304 grade stainless steel grill plates
  • A 13-inch cordierite pizza stone / heat deflector
  • Water container
  • Internal light
  • Grill tongs and charcoal tongs


Anyone who loves the flavor of charcoal-grilled food will adore the 4K. With precision cooking, technology-enhanced features, and more, there is nothing not to love. Buy Here


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