’50 Things To Do With A Penknife’ Will Make You A World Class Whittler

penknife book

Do you own a penknife? Do you often sit, holding your penknife, thinking, “my god, I have this wonderful penknife, but what should I do with it?” Well, friends, this penknife book, aptly titled 50 Things To Do With A Penknife, is your new best friend. With it, your relationship with your penknife will grow deeper and stronger than you could have ever imagined. Or, it will just teach you how to whittle and make some cool stuff. Either way, it is useful.

50 Things To Do With A Penknife was written by Matt Collins, a man who trained at the Botanic Gardens of Wales before taking up a consultancy position with the Garden Museum in London and has spent years honing his whittling skills. And in this 144-page book, you can learn so many valuable penknife skills, which Collins has broken down in seven, easily digestible sections: quick things, into the woods, around the house, cork creations, ornamental carvings, kitchen carving, and the natural world.

So what are you waiting for? Put down the smartphone and unleash your inner mountain man by picking up this practical guide to the age old, yet newly popular, art of whittling. Buy Here

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