BOOKS: ‘A Man And His Watch’ By Matt Hranek

A Man and His Watch

Men love watches. There’s something about the classic beauty of timepieces that makes us tick. A Man and His Watch by Matt Hranek is the #1 best selling book about watches right now.

This is an affordable hardcover, a coffee-table style book. It catalogs some of the most famous men throughout history and their iconic watches. From the Rolex Daytona that Paul Newman wore every single day of his life before giving it to his daughter’s boyfriend. To FDR’s gold Tiffany watch which he received at the conference where he crossed paths with Stalin and Churchill. Each page in A Man and His Watch features a photograph of a historically significant alongside the story of that piece.

JFK wore an Omega on the day of his Presidential inauguration. The watch which Ralph Lauren wears every day was purchased from Andy Warhol’s personal collection. These are some of the most iconic watches ever worn. Each of these great men and their watches has a story. That’s the story being told in A Man and His Watch by Matt Hranek. This makes for a perfect gift for any man Buy Now

A Man and His Watch

The Details:

  • Each page features an original photograph with a story of that watch
  • Telling the story of history’s most infamous watches and the men who owned them
  • An excellent coffee table or bathroom book for yoru man cave

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