Accidentally Wes Anderson Takes You on a Visual Adventure

There are a handful of directors whose films are instantly recognizable in their own distinct style. Wes Anderson is one of these few. His films, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic, and Moonrise Kingdom to name a few, all share charismatic similarities. There’s the excessive use of the Futura font in things such as the film’s title, building signs, and just about anything else with words.

His color palette is also very distinct. Anderson has an obsession with yellow and red with blues in the mix on occasion. His sets are usually highly saturated with these colors. Another more recognizable style element is the lovely use of symmetry whether in featuring buildings or characters. Accidentally Wes Anderson is a collection of photographs and narratives of places and things that look like they were plucked straight out of the worlds of the famed filmmaker. 

Unique Wes Anderson-like destinations around the world

Accidentally Wes Anderson started as a personal travel bucket list for author Wally Koval. Koval founded the @AccidentallyWesAnderson community on Instagram in 2017, which has since grown to more than 1 million followers. The upcoming book features 368 stunning pages. The hardcover is perfect as a coffee table book for you and guests to peruse, perhaps while waiting for the popcorn to finish before starting Isle of Dogs.

The images in Accidentally Wes Anderson all capture the similar aesthetic of Anderson’s films. The book, which includes a forward from the filmmaker, is separated in chapters by geography. Every continent is covered, even Antarctica. From the United States and Canada to South, Central, and Eastern Asia, this book is worldwide. The photographs are also accompanied by fascinating human stories behind each place. There are more than 200 places covered, surely to start your own travel bucket list. Although not actual places in Anderson’s films, these finds will make you feel like you’re starring in one. Buy Here

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