Ace Sniper Will Make You Deadly At Shooting Those Cheese Cubes

It’s a tough world out there. Hunting and gathering cheese cubes at the company picnic is vital to keeping you from dying of boredom. This toothpick crossbow is just the thing to give you an edge over your greedy coworkers. If they think of stealing your cheese cubes, you can also use it for defending what is yours. Small enough for everyday carry, strong enough to make you sniper accurate, this mini crossbow is everything you need to survive in the hectic world of corporate cookouts.

The Ace Sniper mini crossbow is an upgrade over the previous Bowman Series. It is ready to go with a self-loading chamber so you can fire off multiple toothpicks in the heat of battle. The bow has a range of 15-25 meters, so you can snipe those cheese cubes or fruit pieces from across the room. Its stainless steel or black finish makes it look even better.

This mini crossbow is easy and fun to use. Anyone can learn to shoot it in just seconds, but it will take a lot of office parties to become a master. You though, humble Padawan, have the potential to become the most powerful toothpick bow wielder in the galaxy. May the cheese cubes and fruit trays bow down at your feet one day to reward your training. May your coworkers fear your deadly precision. May you feel like a badass while handling this weapon. Take a bow. Buy Here

Ace Sniper

Ace Sniper

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