Acorn Astronaut Slippers Are Worn By NASA Astronauts In Outer Space

Acorn Astronaut Slippers

The Acorn Astronaut Slippers are made from 85% Ragg Wool and built for comfort. These are the very same slippers that NASA astronauts wear in outer space. Since 1982, NASA astronauts have flown more than 500,000,000 miles in space while wearing Acorn Astronaut Slippers. If you aren’t lured in by the extreme comfort of these slippers then surely that unique history will pique your interest.

As we officially step into Winter 2018 it is time to think about staying warm and doing so comfortably. With the Astronaut Slippers from Acorn, you can easily accomplish that goal. The Astronaut Slippers are constructed using 85% Ragg Wool, 13% Nylon, and 2% Spandex for durability and movement. The outsole is made from suede leather and the sidewall is fashioned out of full-grain leather.

The Astronaut Slippers are the flagship product of Acorn. In 1982, Acorn had a deal with NASA where all astronauts would be wearing these Slipper Socks in outer space. Acorn had the brilliant idea to leverage that exposure and the symbiotic relationship. Today, astronauts have flown more than 500,000,000 miles in space while wearing Acorn Slippers. The slippers are such a NASA staple that there’s even a pair on display at the Air and Space Museum in D.C. Here’s an astronaut wearing them in outer space back in the 1980s:

Acorn Astronaut Slippers

With the extreme craftsmanship that goes into making the Acorn Astronaut Slippers you might expect them to be expensive. However, that’s not the case at all. These slippers are actually very affordable by the market standards of most leather slippers. Retailing for $50, the Astronaut Slippers from Acorn are an absolute steal. Buy Now: $50

Acorn Astronaut Slippers

Acorn Astronaut Slippers

The Details:

  • The Acorn Astronaut Slippers have been worn by NASA astronauts in space flying over 500,000,000 miles on missions
  • These Ragg Wool sock slippers are built for ultra comfort and can be worn all year long
  • Acorn’s quality craftsmanship features full-grain leather so the slippers will hold up over time

Buy Now: $50

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