Adidas Originals Iniki Runner Is Your New Casual Sneaker

adidas originals iniki runner

We love sneakers and we love America, so naturally we must own the new Adidas Originals Iniki Runner ‘Pride Of The 70’s’ sneaker. According to adidas, “In Hawaiian, the word iniki can mean sharp, piercing gales, like a hurricane. Yet it can also mean to punch or rip, like pangs of love.” I don’t know how any of that relates to running shoes, but we’re just going to assume it all makes sense. These shoes feature suede overlays on the toe and heel with serrated 3-Stripes to add an iconic touch next to “Iniki” marking on the side. Unfortunately, this colorway is currently out of stock, but there are several more options.  Buy: $120

adidas originals iniki runner adidas originals iniki runner adidas originals iniki runner

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