Adidas TOUR360 XT Parley is Saving Our Oceans

Adidas Parley Golf Shoes

Adidas’ new golf shoe is great for a lot of reasons. It looks good, fits well, performs nicely on the course… but most of all, it’s saving our oceans. That’s right, this golf shoe is helping clean up the oceans and coastlines worldwide. This shoe came from Adidas’s collaboration with Parley for the Oceans. While there have been a few other companies to create shoes like this, the TOUR360 XT is the first in the golfing world; and hopefully, others will soon follow suit.

How This Shoe is Cleaning Our Ocean

Nearly all sports are enjoyed outdoors. While it’s easy to see why athletes and sports fans have a particular interest in keeping our environment safe and clean, golfers should (and do) have added interest to the matter. Golf is an outdoor sport, but not one contained by a small field. The course is large and each is different. Nature in all its glory play a huge role in the characteristics or every single course. Many sports could be recreated without natures helping hand, but golf could not. That’s why this shoe is helping the cause. Adidas has done this by taking plastic waste out of the ocean and coastline, then upcycling it into a spinnable yarn which the shoe is made of.

Make no mistake, this isn’t some novelty item without practical use or performance. The TOUR360 XT Parley has an eight spike sole with X-Traxion. This means you get just as much grip, traction, and stability as the normal shoe. The unique top portion of the shoe is incredibly comfortable and well-fitting, and it all comes in a multi-shaded blue color scheme to pay respect to our oceans it’s helping save. The Adidas TOUR360 XT Parley is bigger than shoes, and it’s bigger than golf. It does a great job being a piece of sporting equipment, but it does so much more. Learn More


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