AdirPro Drill Buddy Cordless Dust Collector Saves You From Making A Mess

Your wife just got back from the store with her favorite new art piece. Only trouble is, you need to drill some holes to hang it up. You could mess around trying to level the holes and clean up the mess of drywall dust left behind, but then you’d miss the ending of the big game that’s on TV. Or, you could use the AdirPro Drill Buddy and get the job done quicker and cleaner and get back to watching your favorite team.

Drilling holes can be a pain. Using a normal bubble level to line them up takes time and can be inaccurate if you aren’t careful. This nifty gadget uses laser leveling (ooohhh… aaahhhh) to make sure your drill holes are perfectly aligned.

Just set the Drill Buddy on the wall, press the button for suction and it will automatically create a seal to catch all the dust. All you have to do is remember to flex those arm muscles while she watches you drill perfectly aligned holes with no mess.

She’ll love how the new art piece looks and you’ll love getting back to the game without having to pick drywall dust out of the carpet/baseboard crack for a half hour. With the Drill Buddy, any project is a quick project.

Whether you love working on DIY projects or are tired of cleaning up the mess left behind by drilling, this is a must-have gadget. Use it in your house, in the garage, or even at work to make projects cleaner and simpler with the push of a button. Buy Here

adripro drill buddy level

adripro drill buddy level

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