Adventure Mate Is A Multitool For Modern Explorers

When it comes to exploring the great outdoors, a set of reliable tools is essential. These also need to keep both weight and size restrictions in mind since many people transport them in a backpack. For that exact reason, the concept of multitools was born.

Adventure Mate takes everything you love about pocket multitools like the classic Swiss Army Knife and puts it into a larger package. With five tools in one, Adventure Mate is ready to tackle any challenge that explorers can throw at it.

Everyday Adventure Carry

When you’re adventuring (or just setting up a campsite) having a versatile multitool that can handle all of your tasks is crucial. Adventure Mate is the perfect tool for any occasion.

It includes five separate tools to get the job done including a hatchet, saw, shovel, hammer, and hook. Adventure Mate boasts a proprietary two-stage locking mechanism to hold your desired tool safely in place. Meanwhile, steel reinforcement ensures that it will stand up to the heavy blows thrown its way.

The entire thing is coated in Cerakote for ultimate rust protection and a sleek black look. A carbon-fiber-reinforced nylon handle keeps Adventure Mate in your hand even if it is wet or slick with sweat.

Tool With Benefits

When you buy an Adventure Mate multitool you aren’t just getting a versatile piece of gear—you’re also doing some good. The company behind this product purchases one ton of carbon offsetting for every tool it sells. This means that it has a negative carbon footprint and is helping the environment. 

Meanwhile, Adventure Mate is made in the United States with expert craftsmanship. This is a tool that’s designed to last a lifetime. Whether you’re exploring the forests of Canada, the beaches of Mexico, the wilderness of Australia, or your local campground, Adventure Mate is ready to stand by your side. Buy Here


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