The Wonderfully Profane ‘Advice’ Coffee Mug Will Make You Conquer Every Day

advice mug

If you’re the kind of person who needs a swift kick in the dick to get your day going, then this Advice Mug is for you. Not only will the coffee you drink out of this mug it make you feel ALIVE, but its message isn’t so bad either. That message, which is below, is a reminder to take life by the balls each and every day.

Love your f*cking job. Seek f*cking criticism. Change your f*cking routine. Carve your own f*cking path. Make a f*cking difference. Learn to f*cking improvise. Be f*cking bold. Get up f*cking early. F*cking risk everything. Fail, fail, and f*cking fail again.

The mug doesn’t have all the asterisks. It has full-blown F-bombs.

Buy: $18.95

advice mug

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advice mug

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