Grow Veggies All Year Long in Your Apartment

No green thumb? No problem. Tech is on your side! Grow herbs, veggies, flowers, and more all year long at home with the help of AeroGarden, the smart indoor hydroponic gardening system. Gardening just got a lot easier with this innovative system and accompanying app, which reminds you to water and feed your plants. Save time, money, and your sanity! Why an indoor garden? Protection from harsh weather and critters, the convenience of it being right there, and for urban dwellers, there’s just no room for a full fledge garden! AeroGarden is the ultimate convenient and space saving solution for those who don’t have room or access to an outdoor garden but really want to be a plant parent.

No soil, no mess, no problem.

Hydroponics come from two Greek words, which translate to water and labor. Hydroponic gardening is the concept of soilless gardening. Sounds a lot cleaner than traditional gardening, right? It’s cleaner and your plants can grow 30-50% faster in water than in soil. The use of hydroponics is beneficial due to to the extra oxygen which stimulates root growth and lets the plants absorb nutrients faster. Since water is being delivered directly to the roots, the plants don’t use as much energy to find and break down food, so they have more energy to grow faster and more.

It’s also ironic that even though it’s a system centered on using water, hydroponic gardening uses considerably less water than soil gardening! This concept sounds like a very futuristic approach to gardening, but it actually isn’t all that new. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Floating Gardens of China both used this system. Countries like Holland, Germany, and Australia have also used hydroponics for crop production.

How do I use the AeroGarden?

AeroGardens can be set up almost anywhere. Whether it’s in your office, atop the kitchen island, or adding some greenery to your living room, the garden is an awesome conversation starter and will stand out in any room. The AeroGarden Farm Plus is available in sleek and minimalist white or black. The Farm Plus gives you up to 24” of growth height, double of its predecessor. It’s the newest addition to the AeroGarden family and gives you more than 2.5x the growing capacity than any other product in the line. The Farm Plus comes with dual 2 gallon grow bowls to keep your plants well-watered and healthy. There’s room to grow up to 24 plants at once, so your fridge will always be stocked with the freshest herbs and veggies.

The Farm Plus has a lot of features working together to make the perfect conditions for a healthy garden. The system uses 60W of dual LED power for faster growth and fuller harvests. The independently adjustable lights let you grow shorter plants like herbs and salad greens next to taller tomato or pepper plants. The magnetic trellis system is simple and quick to snap into place and will give your plants the support they need.

A well-fed garden is a healthy garden. AeroGarden’s plant food liquid, which comes with your Farm Plus kit, is free of pesticides and herbicides and loaded with iron, calcium, and magnesium—all the good stuff! The included salad bar seed pod kits are non-GMO and sourced organically. You can also buy herb, veggie, and flower seed kits or customize your own! Daisy chain and stack an assortment of Farm and Farm Plus units together with a stacking kit accessory to create a living wall!

What’s smart about it?

Farm Plus has built in v2.0 Wi-Fi tech. Control your garden with the touch screen control panel or free AeroGarden app, available on iOS and Android. The app lets you turn on and off the lights and reminds you to water or feed your plant babies. You’ll also have easy one-touch posting on your social channels to show off your amazing garden. Prompts make it easy for you to set up your garden and also guides you each step of the way to a healthy harvest. The app also connects you with a dedicated customer support team right at your fingertips. Buy Here



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