Air Deck Cards Offer The Best Travel Playing Card Deck

When you’re traveling, playing cards can be a great way to pass the time. There are tons of games you can play with one deck, and it takes up a very little amount of room. Got any 4’s? Got any classy, travel-perfected cards? You do now thanks to Air Deck.

The creators of this product were frequent travelers and noticed that normal playing cards are not good enough to do the job. Normal cards are flimsy, tear, bend, stain, and get ruined far too easily when traveling. That isn’t the case with Air Deck’s cards.

This lightweight deck is made from ‘casino quality’ PVC plastic. The deck itself is built to be taken anywhere. It is light and small enough to slip into your pocket and take on the road or into the air. Maybe that’s why they decided to call it Air Deck? Or maybe it’s because the cards are light as air.

They are also completely waterproof. Pesky in-flight neighbor accidentally knocks their tiny soda onto your deck? No problem. You might still want to fight your neighbor since your pants aren’t so waterproof, but the cards will be just fine. You can wash them off and get back to playing.

These cards are truly unmatched when it comes to performance. They don’t bend, don’t tear, and don’t get ruined by water. What else could you ask for in a pack of travel playing cards? Oh, you want a sleek, classy design? Sure, you can have that too! These cards are made of classy black plastic, and the designs on each card are simple, geometric, and are sure to be a conversation starter. Buy Here


airdeck cards - red

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