Nike Turned The Air Jordan 1s Into Golf Shoes And Wow. Just WOW

air jordan 1 golf shoes

If you thought the Nike Air Zoom 90s looked weird as golf shoes, then these Air Jordan 1 golf shoes have to be blowing your mind. I mean, your poor brain is probably in a thousand little pieces looking at these. And that is understandable, because they are…something else. Yeah, that is the right way to describe them.

Of course, the Air Jordan 1 golf shoes are aren’t the first golf shoe with the Jordan name on them. They are, however, by far the most outrageous. They are much louder than the Air Jordan VI golf shoes that Nike released in 2015. Like 4000 times louder.

So far, we only know that the Air Jordan 1s are rumored to drop early in 2017 and they come in the Chicago Bulls colorway.

air jordan 1 golf shoes

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