Nike’s Latest Air Max 1 Release Brings the Golf Course to Your Feet

The Nike Air Max 1 has been a staple in athletic style over the years. It has featured various colorways and designs, from basic neutrals to wild patterns. The popular sneakers designed by Tinker Hatfield, released in 1987, were the first shoe to feature visible air pockets in the midsole. The classic sneaker line is taking on something new and different this year, drawing inspiration from the golf course. The 2018-19 PGA Tour is well underway and Nike is on it with the release of the new Nike Air Max 1 Golf.

Stylish on and off the course

These special edition kicks pack a bit more flair than you’d expect. One design in particular is getting the most hype as well as lots of WTFs. Give your basic golf look an upgrade and add some pizzazz to the whole polo and chinos vibe with the new Air Max 1 Golf in Grass. Nike takes camouflage to the next level with the shaggy, deep green turf-like upper design, which will be popular on the course and in the streets. This audacious design gives your neutral look on the course a healthy dose of extra. Work on your backswing in style! Your athleisure game will also be a step up with this texture-heavy, terrain-inspired shoe.

This isn’t the first time Nike has taken a literal approach to their shoe designs. The Nike Air Max Lunar 90 SP Moon, released on July 20, 2014, really took to the Lunar name. In reference to Neil Armstrong’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind on July 20, 1969, Moon featured an upper designed like the surface of the moon.

A balance of “out there” and classic

The Air Max 1 Golf in Grass features a white Air Zoom midsole. The midsole also has the classic air pocket seen in all Air Max 1 iterations. The shoe sports a high-traction rubber gum outsole, which is more rugged than the flat pattern Air Max 1s tend to sport. You’ll have much needed traction that’s perfect for the wet and slippery course. The monochromatic green laces resemble the fairway and rough areas of the course, keeping the upper primarily in that grass theme. A white embroidered Nike logo peeks out through the turf upper, slightly submerged like balls on the greens.

Minimalist style may have been on the rise, but with dad sneaks and logo-heavy designs dominating the industry lately, fashion is veering into something more extra. And what doesn’t say extra like these grassy kicks? But if having a Chia Pet on your feet isn’t your thing, Nike is also dropping a shredded money design. The theme is integrated into the rubber outsole of the shoe, making it look like you’ve just stepped into piles of cash and are dragging it everywhere you go. If you like being flashy, the Grass and shredded money versions will definitely stand out on the course. Not into it? Nike is also releasing more standard colorways, including a classic black and a retro red, white, and grey version. Whatever your style, the new Air Max 1 Golf sneaks will look great in your closet. Snag a pair for $120-140. Learn More


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