The Airbus Flying Car Concept Is A Car That Turns Into A Drone For Humans

airbus flying car

We were promised flying cars in our lifetime and by God we’re going to get flying cars in our lifetime. At least we will if Airbus has anything to say about it. Because Airbus and Italdesign have revealed their plans for a modular vehicle that is half-car-half-drone and fully awesome. It was which is designed to help city dwellers beat traffic. Do you want to beat traffic? I want to beat traffic! I want to beat the ever-loving crap out of traffic.

Look at this “pop up” transportation system in action!

airbus flying car

Airbus presented this concept at the Geneva Motor Show and although it seems like a pie in the sky concept, I want to believe it is going to happen. And when it does, here is how it will work.

Via Digital Trends:

It works like this: Say you’re at home and you need to head across town for an appointment. First, you summon a vehicle via the system’s app. Within minutes, the self-driving vehicle arrives  at your door. You climb inside and it takes you toward the city. But instead of heading into busy traffic, the pod parks before being lifted into the air by a giant drone that carries you over the city to another set of wheels located on quieter roads. After setting you safely down, the pod drives you off to your final destination while the drone whizzes off to assist another user. What do you mean, “yeah, right”?

As you can guess, you wouldn’t own any of the modules. Instead, this is more like a futuristic ridesharing service where multiple vehicles are shared across a city by numerous users. Hang on a minute, isn’t Uber also looking at the same kind of idea?

Check out the Airbus Flying Car Concept…

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