Control Your Body Temperature with the Aircon Watch

Weather can really bring you down. Whether you’re on an outdoor adventure or just embarking on your day-to-day, your body’s temperature really affects your mood and how you function. As the temperatures climb, so does the struggle level to be outside. But sun’s out, guns out, right? So how do you keep cool? The future is here in the world’s first personal temperature control watch: the Aircon Watch. This new, revolutionary wearable delivers pulses of temperature change to your inner wrist using the Aircon’s ClimaCon technology.

Why the wrist? You may have run cold water on your wrist or put an ice pack on your neck to cool off. These pulse points in your body are very effective in controlling your temperature. Many major blood vessels and nerves are closer to the skin in your wrist so you’ll get maximum transfer of temperature. A watch is the perfect conductor of this body temperature control…and it looks stylish! The Aircon’s frame is made of an aluminum alloy and features a black, silicone strap. The watch comes with a magnetic charger and USB cable.

The Aircon not only keeps you cool, but warms you up as well. For those cold nights on the campground or a frigid winter commute, the Aircon’s got you covered. No freezing fingers when you see the dopest snowman ever and just need to Snapchat it. The watch features an OLED display and the 400-mAh battery gives you four hours of cooling or eight hours of heating. Three easy-to-use buttons make it simple to switch between modes. The Aircon is great for outside work, camping, sports recovery, hypothyroidism, hot flashes, night sweats, multiple sclerosis and more. The watch can reach between 12-40 degrees Celsius. The pulses of heat and cold come in intervals of 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off. Warm up or cool down in a matter of minutes with the sleek and innovative Aircon. Bonus: it also tells time! Learn More

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