Work Out Your Lungs With the Airofit Breathing Trainer

When it comes to fitness, many of us obsess over the aesthetics and challenges. How fast is my 100-metre dash? How much can I bench press? Do I have a six pack? We focus on working on our strength, endurance, and dexterity, but there’s more to fitness than that.

There may be a key technique we’re not thinking about on our fitness journey: our breathing. Breathing is key to our athletic performance. Your extra hours of training can be put into breathing and relaxing with the Airofit Breathing Trainer. This Bluetooth-connected mouthpiece uses Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) to help you:

  • Exercise easier
  • Enjoy training more
  • Train harder and longer with the same effort
  • Improve in performance

What is RMT anyway?

Training your lungs isn’t unheard of. We see it often with professional athletes and now the Airofit Breathing Trainer is bringing the same expert precision in a small and easy-to-use device. The Denmark-based company reports four minutes of RMT can yield as much as a 4% improvement in time trial performance.

So what’s RMT? Respiratory Muscle Training is a technique that aims to improve how your lungs function through specific exercises. It’s great for stress relief and also benefits lung-related conditions. Airofit shows that studies say RMT can boost endurance as well as make you go faster. 

Improve breathing to improve performance

Airofit is being used by athletes of all levels to improve their breathing. The company says that in as little as eight minutes per day while resting, your lung capacity and anaerobic fitness can be improved.

The Airofit comes in two parts: a comfortable mouthpiece with pressure sensors that you breathe into and the Airofit Training App. The app allows you to visualize every inhale and exhale in real-time. It also walks you through daily breathing exercises and more.

Once you’ve mastered one level, the app will suggest adjusting the dials on the side of the device for resistance. The resistance will make it harder to inhale, exhale, or both, challenging you and strengthening your lungs over time. Airofit reports that in as little as three weeks, most users would see noticeable improvements. Buy Here