Alexagate Is an Add-on Device Designed To Cover Your Amazon Echo’s Ears

Technology grows more and more advanced every day and so does our concern for privacy. We all love the latest in-home assistant devices, whether that’s the Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, or Google Nest Hub. Having a home assistant has its advantages of course. Sure, it’s awesome to have Alexa reorder your groceries with a simple voice command. And playing your favorite workout playlist is easier than ever. But for those concerned about privacy who still want to use these devices, it’s tough to weigh the pros and cons.

There’s no evidence that these devices are on at all times and recording everything you say. They usually need the assistant’s name to start it off, like “Alexa” or “Siri.” Of course, there are those odd moments you’re not saying anything close to the name and it starts to record. But who really knows? If you’re really paranoid, the inventors at Mschf have a solution: Alexagate. This $99 limited edition device is here as an add-on to Amazon’s Alexa devices, essentially jamming the mic.

No more spying thanks to white noise

Alexagate is a bright and bold yellow plastic device that sits like a hat atop an Amazon Echo. It’s retrofitted to the Echo, so if you have a HomePod or Nest Hub, you’re out of luck. It uses seven ultrasonic speakers that neutralize the Echo’s mics. They play white noise Alexa can’t hear over so your conversations are softened, if heard at all. You have to clap three times to turn the jamming on or off, which is reminiscent of the clap-on, clap-off Clapper lights. An indicator light makes clear when Alexa isn’t listening.

Alexagate will give you peace of mind that your Echo isn’t listening in on you. Mschf claims that they could only get to Alexa by shouting from only six inches away. The packaging for the Alexagate has a simple and pleasing design. Inside the box is the Alexagate device and mounting ring, power cord, and wall adapter. A user guide with the cheeky “Bye Bye Bezos” in all caps brings in the humor that’s not surprising for a company named Mschf. Buy Here

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