This Weekend Bag Makes You The Ultimate Weekend Warrior

It is time for your getaway weekend. You’ve been planning it all month. You get ready to load up the car, you have your laptop bag, your clothes bag, your toiletry bag and you’re off. You get about 20 minutes into your trip and you realize you left the bag with your shoes in it on the mudroom floor. Does this sound like any of you? Sure sounds familiar to me and the designer of the Weekender Bag. Traveling should be fun, but when you forget something blood pressure seems to rise faster than normal.

Saving You From High Blood Pressure

The Weekender bag is here to save the trip and your blood pressure! What could be so special about a bag you may ask? Well, like many revolutionary products, it is the design and quality that make the difference and the Weekender bag encompasses both.

When you purchase the Weekender bag, the first thing you will notice is how high quality the material is. Each bag is handmade, yes, every single bag is handmade, with high quality Italian Florentine cowhide leather. Each pocket of the bag is lined with 10 oz duck cotton and has the American flag design on it. Do we know what duck cotton is? Nope. Do we care? Since it looks and feels great, that’s also a nope. The American flag design is not only patriotic but also symbolic of the fact that every hand-stitched bag is made in the fashion district of New York City.

Designed For Function

The opening of the bag is 2 inches wider than the bottom of the bag making it easier to root around and find your things. Speaking of easy access, there are two separate compartments other than the main one. On the side there is a shoe compartment. The idea behind having a separate shoe compartment is the ability to keep your shoes away from your nice clean clothes. You’ll also find a 15-inch laptop compartment. Once again making it easier to be worry free about ruining your things.

It is easy to lose things in your bag when traveling so there is also a quick access compartment on the front. This is ideal for phone or passport storage. Each of these many compartments is accessible by a brass Lampo zipper. No more cheap-o busted zippers. One final luxurious detail is the fact that each of the weight bearing spots in the bag’s design is double-stitched to ensure a long and happy life for your travel bag.

Like fine wines or scotches this bag only gets better with age. The leather is one that starts off a deep chocolate brown and weathers quite nicely, taking on character as you make memories. Along with easing the packing stress of travel this bag also comes with a laptop case with charger pockets and a toiletry bag that fit at one of the ends to take up minimal space.

You work hard to save up and plan your trips so let the Weekend bag do the rest of the work for you on your next weekend out. Buy Here


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